Things You Must Know Before Travelling to Spain


Spain is an incredible country to explore, especially because they have stunning beaches and gorgeous countryside. The best part of visiting Spain is seeing the sheer diversity all across the country. So, before booking your flight to Spain, we are here to give you some tips you should learn about the country so that you would be able to enjoy every last minute of your trip.

Spain is a big country – Spain is not just Barcelona or Madrid. The country has a lot of regions that are filled with vast and diverse cultures and geography. That is why you have to plan your trip before you go so that you can experience what’s Spain has to offer. 

Learn how to speak a little Spanish – While Spaniards speak some English, it isn’t as widely used compared to other European countries. Learning a bit of Spanish such as ¿Dónde está? or gracias can be very helpful and are always appreciated by locals.

It’s not always sunny in Spain – Even if Spain has a reputation for sangria, sea, and sun, the North part of the country is filled with lush green landscapes where it can get pretty rainy sometimes. One example is in Galicia, which is located in northwestern Spain. Shell is classified as the country’s rainy region because it has heavy precipitation. So if you’re looking for a bit of fun in the rain while you’re in Spain, you’ll know where to go.

Spain has excellent public transportation – You don’t worry about traveling around Spain because the country has an extensive public transportations search as express railway networks and cheap bus lines which can help you get around the country. If you are planning to go around the cities, buses and the Metro are an excellent option. Day or weekly tickets are always available in most places. 

Beware of pickpockets – big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona are known for their pickpockets who often target innocent tourists that are wandering around popular locations or on the Metro. That is why before you go out, make sure that you take extra care of your valuables by making sure that your purse is secured and wear it towards your body. Always be mindful and vigilant whenever you’re in crowded areas and try to blend in as much as possible, especially if you don’t know where you are going.  

Some shops may close during the middle of the day –  Both businesses and shops in Spain close for at least a couple of hours in the middle of the day. That is why do not expect to get anything accomplished in about 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. This is because Spaniards like to take a long lunch break. However, bigger shops and supermarkets tend to stay open in big cities. But, most clothes shops in Madrid in Barcelona stay open until around 10:00 PM. 

Spaniards tend to eat late – One thing you should remember when you’re in Spain is that dinner usually starts around 10:00 PM for the locals, and it can last for a good few hours. Locals believe that their food should be prepared carefully, and they like to take the opportunity to bond and socialize with their friends and family while their food is being prepared.

Eat where the locals eat – Just like in other countries, the best way to experience Spain is the following in the footsteps of locals. This is why if you spot the restaurant that is filled with locals, do not hesitate and try the food there, chances are you will always be surprised to discover a place that is not a total tourist trap. 

Remember to relax and chill –  When you’re in Spain, you might discover that life moves at a much more relaxed pace. Seeing the country doesn’t always mean walking and exploring. It is also lovely to sit back and look at another perspective of living in who knows? You might learn a thing or two and take some of it home with you. 


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