Things That Make Russia Truly Unique in the World


Russia is named as the Largest Country in the world with an area of 17,098,242 square meters. It is huge up to the point that travelling in this country could be very hard. However, once you know all the unique and fascinating facts about this country, you will surely be enticed to visit and travel all around Russia. Below is the list of the things that make Russia truly unique in the world.

People studying in Russia are taught not to smile in school.

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Most schools teach us to smile to show friendliness; however, this is not the case in Russian schools. Maybe this is the reason why Russia is the number one on the list of the World’s Least Friendly Countries. Some tourists say that most Russians are really friendly and very willing to assist tourists. Probably, they were misunderstood because they were taught since they were little to not smile in schools.

The Hotel Astoria is still operating up until this day

The Hotel Astoria located in St. Petersburg or called Leningrad before is still operating up till now. This is a restaurant where Hitler planned to have his enormous feast as a celebration once he’d successfully conquer the city. The Hotel Astoria remains an establishment that belongs to one of the best places where you can taste traditional Russian food.

Russians believe in a lot of superstitions

Russia has a lot of superstitions including rubbing a dog’s paw with your left hand so that you would have a lot of money, tossing a coin into the boot of Peter the Great, and how they build their house in the past. In ancient times, Russians believe that whoever enters first in a newly-built house would die, so what they do is that they would send a cat first. If that cat chooses not to enter the house, they will take down the house and re-build in another place.

Cats guard the Hermitage

The Hermitage is the most incredible museum in Russia. It is also located in St. Petersburg. Almost 70 cats guard this museum’s treasures not from the people, but the rodents. This was made possible by Empress Elizabeth’s 1745 decree which states that all the finest cats that are big and very suited in catching mice found in the city of Kazan, shall be sent to Her Majesty’s palace that has now become a part of The Hermitage museum.

Good luck in Ploshchad Revolutsii metro station

A bronze sculpture of a dog that a man is holding is very well-known in Ploshchad Revolutsii metro station. It has a shiny nose that when you touch, will supposedly bring you good luck.

Russian Brides and their tradition

All of the brides in Russia are going on a city tour after getting married. When you travel to Russia, you will most likely see many brides having their city tour. This tradition of going on a city tour is for the newly wedded couples to do immediately after the wedding ceremony.

The Trans-Siberian Railway: World’s Longest Railway

The length of the Trans-Siberian Railway reaches almost all the way across Russia. Guinness Book of World Records recorded this as the longest single railway in the world. This railway could cross 8 time zones, travel through 87 cities and towns, and cover 16 rivers including the longest river in Europe, the Volga River. The railway starts from Moscow and ends in the Pacific Ocean port of Vladivostok. The whole train ride is 9200 kilometers which would take 152 hours and 27 minutes.

Giving flowers in Russia

The rule of giving flowers in Russia cannot be underestimated. When you give flowers, they should always be in odd numbers. Once you accidentally choose an even number, the florist would immediately say something about it. Giving flowers in even numbers is only done at funerals; that is why it is rude to give them to people.

Russia and its cloakrooms

Russians really like their cloakrooms. Once you enter a restaurant, a bar, a museum, or any premises, you will be asked to put your coat or your bag inside their cloakroom. This is a sign of proper etiquette in Russia. Usually, babushkas or old women are the ones who take your coats into the cloakroom because they are strict, and they are very firm in their actions.

The billionaires in Moscow

The number of billionaires living in Moscow is greater than in any other city in the world. According to Forbes, 79 billionaires are living in Moscow, 3 times more than the billionaires in New York City.


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