The Best Places in Bangkok for Foodies


If you like food, Bangkok is without a doubt one of the best places in the world to visit.

Bangkok is a foodie’s paradise, with an abundance of street food and food markets, a wide selection of restaurants varying from local establishments to top-notch fine dining establishments, a ton of cafés, and food from all over the world.

There is a delectable Thai street-food vendor on every corner, and each side street is filled with the aromas and flavors of authentic Thai cuisine and there are so many restaurants in Bangkok that picking the finest ones might be difficult.

If you’re going to Bangkok, you might be thinking where to eat to get a taste of both local food and international cuisine. Bangkok will not let you down when it comes to dining options, whether you’re searching for a fine dining experience or one of the many renowned street food vendors. 

Fine Thai Dining

In these restaurants, you may experience some of Thailand’s most innovative contributions to international cuisine.


Sorn has earned a stellar reputation as one of Bangkok’s best restaurants because of its creative menu. It is also one of the restaurants in the capital of Thailand where it is most difficult to get a reservation. If you are able to reserve a table, you will embark on a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that will take you through the many different cultures that are found in southern Thailand. Sorn’s culinary staff employs traditional recipes and ingredients gathered from local farmers and fishermen in southern Thailand.

Sorn, in contrast to what appears to be the norm at modern restaurants in the city, serves just five meals, all of which are meant to be shared amongst the table. Raw Phuket lobster, yellow curry with young mangosteen and gu fish, and sand mole crabs atop a powder of chili and seaweed are just a few of the dishes you may expect to see on the menu.

The fact that Sorn is housed inside an old wooden home that has been beautifully refurbished adds to the restaurant’s allure and charisma.


80/20 is a restaurant that presents Thai tastes in an innovative manner. The name reflects the chef’s idea of utilizing 80% Thai pantry and 20% imported products. It is housed in old Chinatown shophouse and has seductive lighting, jagged cement, and handcrafted earthy tableware. 

Traditional Thai meals, suited for sharing, are created by the chef using contemporary methods and an in-house fermentation lab. The highly recommended trademark dish, Stormy Sea (including squid, mangosteen, and chili), is an absolute must.


If you’re in Bangkok and searching for a place to indulge in Thai food worthy of a Michelin star, you should go to this place. The restaurant is situated in a very desirable location inside Gaysorn Village, a prestigious shopping complex in Bangkok.

Paste is widely regarded as being among the very finest Thai fine dining restaurants that can be found in Bangkok. Modern in style, yet rooted in tradition, they prepare dishes with the highest quality ingredients and a keen understanding of flavor balance and composition.


Nahm gives the finest of Bangkok culinary experiences by providing Thai fine dining with excellent attention to detail, the best ingredients, and authenticity. Located on Sathorn Road in the COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, this restaurant is frequently considered among the best in the world, and a chef with a Michelin star runs it.

Whether you’re a regular in Bangkok or this is your first time trying traditional Thai cuisine, Nahm’s duck curry with snake fruit or pigeon laab kua (minced meat salad) will both surprise and please you.


Since it started in 2009, Bo.lan has been making changes in Bangkok’s food scene. The restaurant stays true to the roots of Thai food while adding a special twist. It serves hard-to-find Thai meals in an elegant, cool setting.

Bo.lan, located on Sukhumvit Soi 24, features smoked Chiang Mai River trout salad, green curry-stuffed egg yolks, and beef stir-fried with dried shrimp paste as its signature dishes. This restaurant is ideal for a romantic evening or a business meeting with coworkers who enjoy great dining.

Issaya Siamese Club

The Issaya Siamese Club towers tall in the midst of a lush green landscape. This century-old home, with its wooden verandah and antique staircase, immediately create a romantic atmosphere, making it an ideal location for a romantic dinner for two.

Issaya Siamese Club is the first flagship restaurant of internationally renowned Thai chef Ian Kittichai in Bangkok. Traditional Thai food is offered on the menu at this beautifully restored colonial home, along with dishes prepared using contemporary techniques.


Located in the Lebua’s distinctive golden ‘Dome’ on the hotel’s rooftop, Mezzaluna offers a fine-dining experience like no other. Mezzaluna, renowned for its set menus that only include 4 or 7 dishes, dazzles with a fresh daily menu of top-notch haute cuisine created by a creative chef.

Mezzaluna offers a dining experience that may be considered costly, with prices ranging from around 5,000 baht for a four-course meal to 6,000 baht for a seven-course meal. However, for those seeking to impress someone at a significant event, Mezzaluna emerges as a highly recommended option.


The opening of Sühring Restaurant in Bangkok is a wonderful boon for the city, as it would be an asset to any city in the world. The contemporary German cuisine is genuinely exceptional, and the atmosphere is warm and genuine.

The restaurant’s launch received a lot of attention since the twin chefs behind it, Thomas and Mathias Sühring, are well-known in Bangkok because to their acclaimed time spent at Mezzaluna.  They offer seasonal, high-end German food, which was previously unknown to Bangkok’s fine-dining enthusiasts.

Street Food And Shop Houses

Bangkok is renowned for its street food and shop-house restaurants, making it difficult to choose a single vendor.  

Some of the finest street cuisine areas in Bangkok include:


Although it is predominantly known for being extremely congested with visitors from the surrounding area on weekends when large markets are held, it is a fine site to visit on weekdays as well. You may get a wide variety of complete dinners at Chatuchak. Traditional and international cuisine are served in the area. Fast food as well as snacks are also available here at many small stores and kiosks.

Visit Chatuchak if you’re searching for hearty, tasty meals that lean toward Thailand’s traditional culinary traditions.


Rattanakosin Island, often known as Bangkok Old City, is a fascinating neighborhood that is home to the majority of Bangkok’s “must see” attractions. This amazing area, located in downtown Bangkok and surrounded by the Chao Phraya River, features the majority of the prominent attractions such as the big swing, the Golden Mount, and the Grand Palace. However, Rattanakosin Island offers more than a dozen traditional attractions, as well as a variety of delicious street foods.

This place offers one of the city’s largest and most varied selections of Thai dishes, including kebabs prepared in the Thai way. Take a stroll through the narrow alleyways that appear and lead inwards to a growing number of street food sellers.

You may choose from a wide variety of Thai dishes, including curries, noodles, fried rice, soups, seafood, river fish, omelets, and much more!


If you are a fast-food gourmet who is always ready to try something new and enjoy the tastes of local street vendors everywhere you travel, then Chinatown in Bangkok should be your first stop. You may get all types of street cuisine in Chinatown, from basic noodles to chicken tenders, fried rice to the specialties, exotics, and originals.

Chinatown is home to a wide variety of delectable grilled meats and spicy flavored soups, with a wide degree of spiciness. This place has fast food from China to Thailand, with a range of prices and different kinds. Try out the many types of tea that are offered in the neighboring shops as one of the delicacies you can try while in the neighborhood.


Phahurat is Little India in Bangkok. People who like traditional Indian cuisine should certainly pay a visit to this place, which is known for its textile businesses.

Phahurat is a somewhat smaller market area in compared to Chinatown and Chatuchak; but its abundance of high-quality exotic cuisines at relatively affordable prices will make both your wallet and your taste buds happy.

The area is known for its rotis, chapattis, naan, and other Indian vegetables, as well as curries which come in different levels of spiciness and flavors to suit your tastes. Different types of Indian cuisine are available at much lower pricing in both buffet and menu-ordered styles.


Are you searching for a place to dine with more privacy in Bangkok? If you are a food lover looking for the greatest area to go in Bangkok, Thonglor is your best bet.  This is the location where you can appreciate your meal in privacy and solitude.

Typically, any food enthusiast should visit Chinatown’s street vendors for fast food and Thai and Indian restaurants for spicy cuisine. But sometimes someone needs a little more room, some businesses require more private seating, and certain occasions are best experienced in a sophisticated and upscale environment. In this regard, Thonglor offers significantly more options than the local vendors and small businesses. Thonglor provides a more refined setting to enjoy fast food and complete meals from a wide variety of foreign cuisines, including those from the United States, Europe, China, India, and Thailand.

Bang Rak

Bang rak is well-known for its traditional specialties, including street dishes that are popular in the local region and are consumed primarily by Bangkok locals. If you’re a foodie seeking for something fancy and unusual, you won’t find it in this neighborhood, which is famed for its inexpensive traditional dishes.

If you have a yearning for Bangkok’s regional specialties, then this place is an excellent choice. Between the Taksin BTS station and Silom road, you will come across an overwhelming number of stalls lined up in rows upon rows on both sides of the roadways.

Wrapping Up

That concludes our list of the finest locations to stay in Bangkok for street food and excellent restaurants. 

We really hope you liked it and that you will choose wisely so that you can enjoy this wonderful city to the fullest!


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