The Best Camping Places in Bulgaria


Camping would be a fun refreshment if you wanted to be free from the different kinds of stresses you have in the city. It is a recreational activity that temporarily sends us away from our houses and works, too! It involves an overnight stay in a tent or camping vehicle. Plus, it may also include day trips or picnics as part of the activity during the day.
Since you’ll be away from home for a day or two, or even weeks, you may want to consider some things before you go out and buy your camping stuff. One of these is to plan camping do’s and don’ts to have a hassle-free camping trip. Most importantly, it would be good if you also consider the campsites or the place where you can pitch your tent. However, it is given that thinking of a place to start your camping trip may be a bit tedious and time-consuming. With that, in this article, you will be delving into the list of places in Bulgaria where you can pitch your tent and start a bonfire.

So, why Bulgaria? Bulgaria is one of the famous and oldest countries in Europe. Aside from that, it is also known for its natural diversity like rivers, lakes, plains, mountains, as well as hot springs, and the Black Sea Coast. In addition to that, there are also several camping sites here since camping is quite a tradition in this country. Most of the campsites in Bulgaria can be found on the Black Sea coast in secluded woods and bays, yet close to the exquisite Bulgarian beaches. Therefore, if you plan to camp in a place surrounded by beautiful bodies of water on the Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria is your best bet.

Below is the list of the campsites in Bulgaria that you can check out.

Cosmos Campsite

Generally, this campsite has a tranquil and remote atmosphere. It is located in the northern part of the Black Sea Coast. It is also near the village called Durankulak, where a lake famous for an ancient archeological finding is located. The Cosmos campsite has bungalows that have about three beds. Aside from that, it also has a beach restaurant and a bar.

Smokinya Campsite

Smokinya is one of the well-known beach campsites in Bulgaria. It is located a few miles of 3.5 km from the Sozopol seaside resort. It is also between two campsites known as Vesselie and Kavatsite. Interestingly, this campsite is a favorite spot for several artists, politicians, and models. However, the camping site in this area was split into two, Fort Knox and Smokinya. Bars and Restaurants are also starting to be constructed, leaving less space for camping.

Gradina Campsite

On the south coast near Smokinya and Sozopol, Gradina Campsite is considered one of the legendary campsites. In addition to that, it is also one of the busiest spots during the summer season. Live concerts, parties, and beach bars were open during the busy season. Camper vans and tents are also available for rent to those who wanted to set up a small camp.

Glamping Gora

If you wanted a comfy bed inside your campsite, you might want to add Glamping Gora to your list. It is the first glamping or glamorous camping on the Black Sea Coast. This camping site is located in the Gradina Beach pine woods and has tents and comfortable accommodation options to choose from.

Krapets Campsite

This campsite is a small village a few miles away from the Romanian border. This camping site is known for its wild beach camping zone that comes along with a shady forest perfect for camping. In addition to that, there were also private camping sites where you can find basic accommodation options, electricity, and water.

Veliko Tarnovo Campsite

The Veliko Tarnovo Campsite is located between the villages close to the Veliko Tarnovo, a historical city in Bulgaria. Campsites in this area include rental accommodations like vans and bungalows. Interestingly, you can upgrade your camping stay with a swimming pool if you want to spice up your camping experience a bit.


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