So Exactly What are Eyelash Extensions

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t desire longer, more fluttery, and much more gorgeous eyelashes? Fortunately, there are quite a variety of ways to improve your fringes nowadays, be it with decent mascara or even a set of artificial lashes. Would not want to bother with cosmetics or false lashes on a daily basis? Eyelash extensions are a more long-lasting choice.

Extensions, or long-lasting artificial lashes, are meant to elevate and improve the appearance of your eyes—think contour but for the eyes. Furthermore, as an added plus, once you’ve put these, you won’t have to bother about putting on mascara or heavy eyeliner because the job of creating a thick lash line would already have been undertaken for you.

Realizing that lash extensions are more expensive than the standard bottle of mascara. Whenever you curl the lashes or apply many coats of mascara incorporating in part of your makeup routine, you might well be spending energy.

Extensions comprise semi-permanent fibers which are carefully placed to each thread of the existing lashes to provide you fuller, thicker lashes while also elevating, extending, and enlarging the eye.

According to stylists, such fibers, typically synthetic, faux mink, as well as silk—come in a range of widths varying between 6mm to somewhat 18mm, including several curl thickness possibilities as well. Many people require 80 to 150 eyelashes for a complete set to achieve volume and texture.

Most girls lack the time or ability to put false lashes on a daily basis. As a result, it’s no wonder that extensions have grown in popularity over the years. So how far are we prepared to push for a gorgeous fluttering, as numerous celebs do? Do you have reservations about employing this cosmetic treatment? We have addressed every aspect you may need to know before undergoing the surgery.

What Exactly are Eyelash Extensions?

Extensions are made up of semi-permanent plastic, faux mink, or silk strands that are put to the original lashes line strand by strand using quite a carefully developed non-irritating adhesive. Conventional false lashes are placed straight to the epidermis and contain pre-designed sections that do not carefully consider your individual eye structure.

Eyelash extensions provide a semipermanent method for creating your lashes to seem fuller sans the use of mascara. Lash extensions are indeed a secure approach to improve the appearance of existing lashes if properly administered by a certified and experienced specialist.

You might experience irritation, undiagnosed infections, and lifelong lash loss if put improperly or using improper glue. Eyelash extensions include individual lashes, as opposed to artificial falsies, which connect to the eyelid on one sheet. They adhere to your eyelashes one at a go. It takes many hours to accomplish this operation.

Lash transplants are intended to endure the usual production cycle of original lashes, which ranges between six weeks to two months. Upkeep is necessary throughout this period to maintain the extensions appearing clean and healthy. Eyelash extensions were created from a variety of materials. That included polymers like imitation mink as well as artificial fibers, and also organic materials like silk and mink.

The Endurance of the Extensions

Treatment is costly, the most fundamental complete set ends up costing $105 and time-consuming, however, lash extensions must last up to six weeks assuming careful maintenance. Extensions may fall in accordance with the normal hair regrowth cycle, typically occurring each six to eight weeks. Replacements are an excellent technique to prolong the longevity of your eyelashes and should be done each 2 to 3 weeks.

How much time does it take to put lash extensions?

A complete pair of lashes requires roughly 2 hours to implant and may be kept year with the help of touch-ups every 4 weeks. A half pair of lashes is a somewhat less expensive way to produce an equally stunning appearance, whether used as filler to lengthen existing lashes or placed outwardly from the eyelid for a specialized style.

Everybody has unique eyelashes, and lash professionals could only reach a particular extent or thickness based on the type of your existing lashes. It is done to keep your particular lashes intact. For instance, if your eyelashes are shorter and weaker, you would not be capable of achieving a striking look since it will not endure. If you’re not confident or it’s your first experience, it’s best to start with a partial set. It’s simpler to apply lashes than it is to remove them.

How do eyelash extensions work?

It takes approximately two hours to put lash extensions. This treatment will actually occur in a relaxing setting. You will either lean on a seat or lie.

Some parlors play soothing background music to make you calm. So, if it does not, you may choose to enjoy music or even podcasts during the treatment.

The following are the basic stages in the procedure:

  • Each of the eyes will be carefully cleaned by the professional.
  • To prevent mistakenly attaching your original lower eyelashes to your upper ones, your clinician might very well clip your lower lashes to the skin with medical tape.
  • Your existing lashes would be separated, usually with a wire brush or any other equipment.
  • With a little drop of adhesive, a synthetic lash would stick to the top of the said separated lash.
  • This procedure will be performed for both eyes’ upper lids.
  • For the operation to be successful, the eye-getting lashes must be covered.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

S. No Types of Lashes What Are They?
1 Mink Lashes The most popular among celebs are mink lashes. Since they are manufactured from genuine hair, minks are usually recognized for delivering the most natural-looking results. These styles for lashes is ideal for individuals who want a genuine, soft, yet luxurious look.
2 Faux Mink Lashes The only difference between faux mink lashes and mink lashes is that they are artificial. The said kind of lash is great for people who wish to obtain a genuine look that is comparable to mink lashes though at a reduced price.
3 Sable Lashes Sable lashes are manufactured out from Sable’s hair, a wild animal mostly found in Russia as well as Siberia. Sable lashes are quite identical to mink lashes, with the exception that sable lashes are the leanest of all sorts.
4 Silk Lashes In relation to realistic appearance and density, silk eyelashes are a cross between mink with synthetic lashes. One such variety is unique in that it is slightly thicker at the base and progressively thins down near the tip, providing the lash line a broader look.
5 Synthetic Lashes Synthetic lashes seem to be ideal for people seeking a dramatic, luxurious feel. For this sort of eyelash extension, absolutely no actual hair will be utilized.


  • It appears to work, using eyelash implants, you’ll live with confidence with beautiful, fluttering eyelashes daily. The procedure is incredibly successful at improving your eyesight and looks great on anyone and everyone.
  • Totally Modifiable: Your appearance may be as realistic or as extravagant as you want; simply consult with the lash stylist to determine the best thickness and curl for your implants.
  • It is Water resistant: Whilst you can’t keep the extensions moist for the very first 2 days, you could nevertheless swim, wash, and work out with them. On a side note, the dryer you maintain them, the longer they stay.
  • It Doesn’t cause pain.  From beginning to end, practically everybody finds the overall procedure to be completely painless.
  • It’s Generally Safe.  Specialists, cosmetic surgeons, as well as dermatologists all believe that implants are generally harmless.


  • Risks of Frustration and Inflammation are relatively high. The most serious danger of using lash extensions is eyelid distress. Anything surrounding the eyes might annoy, either because of compounds or because of friction and pulling forces between the eyelashes. To avoid inflammation and sensitive reactions, perform a skin test upon your wrist using glue.
  • It demands Effort and cash investment.  Your first set would probably cost between $100 and $300, following refills costing between $50 and $150 each 2-4 weeks. The first treatment can take up to 2 hours, and refill sessions could last nearly an hour.
  • It is Potentially Harmful to Existing Lashes. While your eyelashes develop, the implants go further and further away from the lash line source. It renders it more difficult for the lashes to hold the mass of the extensions, perhaps resulting in damage. Rubbing or scratching your eyelashes while sleeping, whether with your fingers or even against your bed, could also be harmful.
  • You might experience Irregular Fallout: Whenever you don’t get the extensions replenished after 2-4 weeks, it might result in an irregular, dispersed impact. Some implants will come out when eyelashes fall, and they will be substituted with fresh, extension-free eyelashes.
  • Washing Your Face might be a problem. Because you can’t wipe the eyes with lash extensions, you really had to move an all-around eye position while washing the face.


Most females do not have the time or the skill to apply artificial lashes on a regular basis. Semi-permanent fibers are meticulously attached to each thread of the existing lashes to create extensions. These fibers, which are mainly synthetic, fake mink, and silk, come in a variety of widths and thicknesses. Study our guide to prepare yourself to the fullest before going for the treatment.