Top 7 Must-See Sites in Norway


Norway is a larger-than-life destination and the core of its appeal to backpackers and travelers is amazingly simple: it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. From watching the sun rise on a 5000-year old glacier to enjoying the stunning views of Fjordland as you get up in the morning, Norway … Read more

7 Destinations to Consider for Your Next Backpacking Adventure

7 Destinations to Consider for Your Next Backpacking Adventure

Think frequent travel is just for the rich? There are a plethora of places around the world where you could easily backpack for 10-20 dollars a day, from Asia to Europe, while still being able to immerse yourself in vibrant cultures and authentic cuisines. For the cost of an Ikea couch, you … Read more

7 Great Havens for Backpackers


Not everyone prefers to stay in a five-star accommodation with 24/7 room service. Roughing it out is a different experience altogether. And no, it’s not just for avoiding a strain on the wallet. Going to places without a pre-determined aim, enjoying local cuisines, mingling with natives; it’s perhaps the most authentic travel … Read more

The Beauty and Challenge of Climbing Mt. Rainier


I have always loved the mountains, but since I live in south Texas, an occasional roller is about all the elevation that I see.  Because my love for the mountains was not satisfied by the occasional ski trip to Colorado, I decided to give mountaineering a try. For my first mountaineering adventure, … Read more

San Diego: A Trip to Remember


When you have four kids, one-on-one time can be hard to come by especially when they are all teenagers.  So, one tradition that we have been very blessed to share in our family is that my husband takes our boys and I take my girls on a special trip when they turn … Read more