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Natalia Vladimirovna Porivay, popularly known as Natasha Korolyova, is a pop singer, actress, and an honored artist of Russia. His father, Vladimir Arkhipovich Poryvai, spearheaded an academic choir, while her mother, Lyudmyla Poryvay was an honored artist of Ukraine, professor, and a choirmaster. Born from a family of musicians, it was no surprise that Natasha’s biography and personal life is brimmed with musical artistry.

Early Life

Born on May 31, 1973, in Kyiv, Ukraine, Korolyova was headed into music. At a young age of three, she first appeared on stage, performing the “The Cruiser Aurora” at Children’s Choir of Television and Radio in 1976. Four years later, she attended both the music school, mastering the piano and dance classes, focusing on folk dance choreography.

At the age of 12, destiny brought the young singer to Vladimir Bystryakov, a renowned composer, which helped her formally add her own compositions, such as “Where The Circus Left,” and “A World Without Miracles” in her musical repertoire. Since then, Korolyova rose into stardom, and it was hard to imagine a concert without the talented young artist. All experiences were memorable to Korolyova, teaching her valuable lessons on being tough, independent, composed, and industrious.

In 1987, she joined the “Golden Tuning Fork” competition in which she was awarded a diploma. Within the same year, she made her first appearance of television, performing in the entertainment show, “Wider Circle.” A year later, she went to Kyiv Academy of Circus And Variety Arts to study vocal performance. The institution was apprehensive on accepting Korolyova, citing that her popularity might be an obstacle, yet her talent was radiating, and she was accepted in the program and graduated in 1991.

Professional Career

Korolyova’s talent rise to stardom was inevitable, and her career forged swiftly than other artists of her generation. Her first international stint happened in 1989, performing as the lead soloist of the opera “Child of the World,” which toured in America.

Upon returning from the tour, she transferred to Moscow and tried her luck in many auditions, competitions, and television broadcasts. One of which is with the renowned composer Igor Nikolaev. While not making an impression at first, Nikolaev chose her to sing the song “Yellow Tulips” in 1990.

Everything changed since then, as her presence exceeded all expectations. Spectators yearned to see her, filling stadiums, and sports palaces, which helped catapult into fame in USSR and other foreign countries. Starting from her first concert in Russia in 1992, she toured other nations, such as Israel (1993), Germany (1994), and in New York City (1997).

From 1990 to 1997, Korolyova released twelve music videos for television. One of her famous songs is “Little Country” released in Spring 1995. The singer was touring in the Russian Far East cities when an earthquake struck Sakhalin Island, killing more than 2,000 individuals. Korolyova, along with his team, went to the earthquake’s epicenter and performed charity concerts to provide moral support for the victims. The song served “Little as the international anthem of all the children affected, as well as all young ones in the world.

Other Craft

Korolyova’s creativity was never-ending as she also acted as a presenter in different TV shows, and participated in various programs, such as “Time To Have Dinner,” “Two Stars,” and “Dancing With The Stars.” She also showcased her skill in acting, appearing in films, such “The Cheerful Family 2,” and the “The Secret Witch” and later in other Ukrainian series.

In 2008, she ventured in jewelry design, launching her own collection entitled “Daughters-Mothers.” A year later, she opened a beauty salon, published a novel, and also intended to establish her own network.


Hailing from a family of talented musicians, Natasha Korolya’s seemed to know where she wanted to be. With her poetic talent, incredible vocal ability, and dedication, she carved her way to stardom and even established her prominence internationally. All her experiences were valuable, and she is always thirsty for improvement, venturing into other crafts outside her exceptional talent range.


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