Learn About The X Factor Ukraine

Talent shows have redefined the television industry across the world. It’s not surprising as these programs opened new opportunities for exceptional dreamers and an instant gateway to the stardom. What used to be a matter between the candidates and judges with the former performing and the latter giving scores has been transcended with people given the power to vote. However, the most significant thing these talent programs have done is remodeled the outlook about celebrities. Viewers can now see their journey and somehow feel what it is like to be on the stage, experiencing fear and joy, pressure, and success.

The X Factor Fever

In recent years, one of the most famous talent shows is The X Factor, a television singing competition program created by the renowned British producer Simon Cowell. Originating in the UK, the franchise has reached many parts of the world. Many countries looked for the “X Factor” or an indefinable quality in a contestant that makes him shine and worthy of stardom.

Simon Cowell, The X Factor producer

Deviating from other shows whose judges only part is to comment on the participants’ performance, The X Factor judges are assigned to each category to mentor their members, from styling, song choice, and with the other antics of the act. Aside from the swift ride to popularity, the winner gets a recording deal as the show’s prize.

The X Factor reaches Ukraine

Ukraine didn’t miss out on The X Factor fever. The X Factor Ukraine began on September 4, 2010, and enticed many singer-aspirants. Public auditions were conducted in major cities across the country, namely Chernivtsi, Donetsk, Dnipro, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Korosten, Lviv, Lutsk, Mykolaiv, Rivne, Simferopol, Uzhhorod, and Zaporizhia.

The Ukrainian version followed the same format as the original X Factor UK, looking to find individuals having an extraordinary singing talent, appeal, and personality. Nine more seasons followed the initial season, producing ten winners in its entire run.

Who has The X Factor?

An aspirant needs to undergo five stages to win The X Factor. All participants are divided into four categories: the boys, girls, groups, and the over 25 categories.

First, they need to surpass the producer’s auditions, which will allow them to proceed to the next step, which is performing in front of the judges. Should they pass, they will head straight to the boot camp for another audition, usually grouped with other participants. All aspirants who passed the boot camp will fight individually at the judge’s houses, where the judge will pick who they will bring into the live shows. Each judge is assigned to mentor one of the four categories.

At the live shows, each act will perform an act in front of an audience. After each performance, the judges will air their comments on how the contestants faired that night. Of course, opposing views are inevitable. Voting lines are opened after all contestants have performed.

The results show is held the following day, wherein the two artists who had the least number of votes will go head-to-head for their survival. All judges are given one vote on whom they think should go home and end their X Factor journey. Should there be a tie in the number of votes, a deadlock is announced, and the fate of the two bottom artists will rely on the public votes, sending home the aspirant who has the least number of votes.

Each week, a contestant will be eliminated until three final acts remain, and the public alone will who has the “X Factor” and emerges as the winner of the season.

The X Factor Ukraine Season per Season

Oleksiy Kuznetsov, the first winner of Ukraine's X Factor

The first winner of The X Factor Ukraine was Oleksiy Kuznetsov, a 19-year old aspirant from the Boys Category. Yolka, a multimedia artist, served as his mentor. Other judges in the line-up were Seryoga, Ihor Kondratiuk, and Sergei Sosedov. Oksana Marchenko served as the host of the show.

On September 27, 2011, the second season began with the same panel of judges and host. This time the winner emerged from the over 25s category, Viktor Romachenko, under the mentoring of Seryoga.

Over a year after, Season 3 got its winner again from the Over 25s category, Aida Nikolaychuk, a 30-year-old contestant mentored by Ihor Kondratiuk. Almost the same judges and host remained, except Irina Dubtsova, who took Yolka’s position as a juror.

Irina Dubstova served as a judge for The X Factor Ukraine in Season 3 and 4

On August 31, 2013, season 4 started with the same host and judges. Irina Dubtsova helped 15-year-old Alexander Poryadinsky reach his X Factor dream, winning the season and hailing from the Teen category.

Ivan Dorn and Nino Katamadze replaced judges Seryoga and Irina Dubtsova in Season 5, which began on August 23, 2014. Dmitry Babak from the Boys category triumphed as the winner of the season, under the mentoring of the new judge, Nino Katamadze.

Oksama Marchenko served her six-straight duty as host of The X Factor Ukraine that began on August 22, 2015. Ivan Dorn left the judging spot, and Andriy Hlivnyuk was introduced as a new juror. Another aspirant from the Boys category won the contest, with Kostyantyn Bocharov triumphing the season.

Andriy Bednyakow served as The X Factor Ukraine's host from Season 7-9

On August 27, 2016, season 7 began with Oksama Marchenko as a host, alongside Andriy Bednyakow as the co-host. A fresh panel of judges came for the season, namely Julia Sanina, Andriy Danylko, Konstantin Meladze, and Anton Savlepov. The latter became the mentor of the season’s winner, Sevak Khanagyan, from the Over 25s category.

The X Factor Ukraine’s 8th season started on September 2, 2017, but Oksama Marchenko missed the hosting duties this time. Andriy Bednyakow returned as the host while only Andriy remained as a judge. Dmitry Shurov, Oleg Vinnik, and Anastasia Kamenskykh served as new judges. Misha Panchishyn won the season from the Boys category.

Nastya Kamenskykh Music Artist

On September 1, 2018, season 9 of The X Factor Ukraine started with the same host and judges. ZBSband became the first group to win X Factor Ukraine under the mentoring of Anastasia Kamenskykh.

The latest season of The X Factor Ukraine began on September 14, 2019, with Anastasia Kamenskykh and Andriy Danylko stayed as judges with the additions of Olya Polyakova and Alessandro Safina. Meanwhile, Daria Tregubova served as the new host of the season. Elina Ivashchenko became the first aspirant from the Girls category to win the season.


The X Factor Ukraine 10-year successful run proved how talent shows reshaped the television industry. We can expect more of these types of programs to come, as more people with remarkable talent, appeal, and outstanding personalities continue to aspire to reach success and stardom.