Is Oxolin Ointment Safe?

Oxolin ointment is a common antiviral agent that is used to prevent infections like influenza and herpes. It is a widely used medicine, and apparently, it doesn’t have any side effects. But how much truth does this claim hold and what this ointment does, let’s find out!

NOTE:  Always be sure to consult with your Doctor when using any treatments.

What is Oxolin?

Oxolinic ointment UK is composed of oxolin compound, petroleum jelly, and other auxiliary ingredients. It comes in a tube, and you can use it as a topical antiviral agent. The thing that makes this ointment unique is that not many companies make such an antiviral ointment.

It is used all over the world for skin conditions caused by viruses like herpes and chickenpox. Due to its effectiveness, it has received much appreciation, especially for its use on children’s skin.

How Does It Work?

The active ingredient of the medicine is oxolin. A compound that can bind to microstructures present in the DNA of the virus. These microstructures are called nucleotides. You see, DNA is the basic living structure in a virus, and that basic structure is composed of chains made by nucleotides. One of these nucleotides is guanine, which is the real prey to oxolin.

The drug combines with it, changes its composition, hence inactivating the entire DNA. And once the DNA is gone, the virus cannot do anything to harm you.

This process may seem simple, but in reality, it is quite complex. And while you can’t see this by your naked eye, you can still appreciate it in theory.

Uses of Oxolin

As discussed above, oxolin is an antiviral agent used to provide relief in viral infections of mucous membranes mostly. But it also has other benefits too. Out of many, some of the uses of oxolinic ointment UK are given below:

  • It is used as a prophylactic agent for influenza. It is applied to the mucous membrane of the nose, thus preventing the virus from getting inside the body. Before it gets the chance to enter through your nostrils, the drug does its magic, leaving viruses inactive with no power to attack.
  • You can use this ointment during the flu season. Also, if you have a patient of influenza in the family, you can protect yourself by using it.
  • For viral rhinitis, you can simply apply oxolin ointment to soothe your mucus membrane and speed up the process of recovery.
  • For application, wash your nose and clean it with warm water. Remember, be gentle with your skin, and do not irritate it. Now, take the ointment in small quantity and rub it in a circular motion. Do this 2 to 3 times a day until your infection subsides.
  • You can use oxolin for the treatment of herpes. When applied to the mucous membrane of the affected area, it quickly absorbs in the body and combats the disease. Unlike other famous antiviral agents, this one has less effect, but it does get the job done.
  • Chickenpox is caused by a virus named varicella-zoster. It causes shingles and other irritations on the body. To ease up the infection, you can apply oxolinic ointment as well. Just like how it works with herpes, it will soothe your skin and calm it down. You will also notice a relief in itchiness and discomfort after using it.

Side Effects of Oxolin

Like every other medicine, oxolin also has some side-effects. Fortunately, there are not many, but the noted ones are given below:

  • It is common for the patient to experience some redness on the nose after applying oxolin.
  • Sometimes, the ointment causes the breakage of the mucous membrane.
  • It is also common to feel itchy and discomfort in the affected area.
  • The nostrils can sometimes burn and itch.
  • Some patients also experience a runny nose after the application of oxolin.

All of the mentioned side effects are generally common in the users of oxolin. However, they go away once you stop using the drug. But if you feel any other symptoms, or these do not subside, then contact your doctor.

Also, make sure that you do not continue using the ointment if the burning or the discomfort becomes unbearable. Notice the changes that happen in your body so that you don’t face any side effects.

Allergy Problems

Even though there are not many reported cases of allergy to this ointment, there are still some people who cannot use it. The reason behind this is their allergies to petroleum.

As we discussed above, petroleum is an essential ingredient of oxolin. It works as a vehicle to transfer the drug to the affected region. But while it serves a crucial duty, those who are allergic to it have a pretty unpleasant experience with medicine that otherwise works just fine.

Is it a Placebo?

While for many patients, oxolin ointment does wonders, some find it to be ineffective. This discrimination in the reviews of users raised questions on the potency of the drug. Due to these allegations, many tagged it to be a placebo and not actual medicine. Now, before we look at whether oxolin is a placebo or not, let’s understand what a placebo is.

A placebo is an inert compound. When a patient uses it, he thinks it’s a medicine. Thus, he expects it to relieve his symptoms. And, while he thinks that the drug is working, nothing actually happens. Instead, his body copes up with the pain itself, and he thinks that it was the drug that did the work.

To summarize, the placebo works on mind games. It provides the patient with psychological satisfaction that his pain is treated with medicine, although it doesn’t do anything.

Now, as far as the concern goes for oxolin being a placebo, we do not have enough data to declare it one. Probably, some patients do not get positive effects with oxolin because they have become resistant to the virus. It is also possible that they do not apply the ointment as much as it is advised. Other than that, there is no full-fledged proof to consider oxolin ointment as a placebo.

The Bottom Line

Oxolinic ointment UK is an antiviral drug. It is a topical agent that has been widely used for decades now. People from all over the world find it helpful to resolve viral infections like rhinitis and flu. It is mostly used as a prophylactic agent for people prone to catch influenza. It is recommended to use this ointment only for a minimal time. Even though it doesn’t have many side effects, it can cause allergic reactions to those allergic to petroleum.  Be sure to check Canadian Pharmacy options as well for options.

People of all ages can use it – be it a child or an adult. Pregnant ladies can also apply this ointment to protect them and their fetuses. Despite what many say, it is not a placebo and entirely safe for use.

If you have experienced any viral condition or you are looking for a topical agent to find some relief, maybe oxolinic ointment UK can help. You can refer to the above uses to familiarize yourself with the product. Other than that, use all the medicines with doctor’s prescription only.