How to Take the Best Photos While Sightseeing


Have you ever wondered who some people’s vacation photos look like the postcards you can buy at the airport? Whether it’s some famous landmarks or just some colorful markets, you can also make your own iconic images. That is why in this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to capture the best photos while you’re traveling.

Get to know your camera before you travel

This tip might seem obvious, but you should really know your camera’s functions before you use it on your trip. Learn how to use the controls of your camera and practice taking photos as much as possible. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Research your destination

Being a good photographer starts before you reach your destination. That is why you should spend time finding any local landmarks, interesting architecture, or even places that offer natural beauty in the place you’re traveling to. This way, you will know where you’d go to take those beautiful shots, and you would not miss out on some great photo opportunities. 

Try and rethink the cliché shots

When you’re traveling, visiting tourist spots is definitely inevitable, which is why you should avoid taking your photos just like what you see in the guidebook. Your photos will be more interesting if you take them from a unique perspective. When you’re taking a photo of popular tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower or the Pyramids of Giza, try to avoid shooting it just like everyone else has done before. You can move around and find more appealing angles of your subject, or you can shoot it from a low angle so you can show it from a perspective that people do not usually see when they are standing.

Take photos of local people

If you want to capture your destination’s essence, you should not forget to take portrait photos of local people. But, make sure that you ask permission first before you take a photo. Ask them nicely if you can photograph them, and if they do not agree, you should thank them and move on. Taking photos of people in their own environment with interesting things in the foreground or background will surely help to contextualize your photo and give it more information about the place. Always aim to tell a story in your photo and remember that you’re not just taking a photo of a person, but you’re also documenting your experience. 

Use your traveling companion as your subject

Having someone in your travel photos is a great idea because it adds a more humane perspective to your documentation. You or your companion can be the focal point in a scene that does not have an obvious main subject, and this trick will help your viewer connect instantly with your photographs. As we mentioned, you have to ask the locals first before you take a photo of them. That is why it is not always possible to find a local that is willing to be photographed. This is why if you’re traveling with someone, you can just ask them to pose when you take a photo. Aside from adding an interesting focal point to your photo, it can also be wonderful memories of the people you’ve met or traveled with along your journey. 

Do not forget the small details

When you’re taking photos while sightseeing, you will most probably take a shot of tranquil beaches, vast landscapes, and busy streets. Don’t get us wrong, they all make great photos, but you should not forget to look at the smaller details when you’re at your destination. Do not hesitate and take a photo of the small interesting details that captures your eyes. You can look for traditional elements such as local materials, costumes, architecture, colors, patterns, and foods. Remember that small details can also tell intimate stories and give your viewer a better feel of the location you’ve visited. 

Do not forget to tell a story with your photos

A good picture always tells a story, which is why taking photos while you’re traveling or sightseeing is the perfect opportunity for you to tell exciting stories to your family and friends. 

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