Guide to the Types of Boats You Can Rent


Are you planning for a vacation up the coast? Does spending a day on a boat amidst the sunny skies and relaxing waves entices you? This is the perfect guide for you to get the most out of your boating experience. Getting off the highway and going out onto the water provide a unique sense of freedom and sheer relaxation. It is a great activity to rejuvenate yourself and blow those cobwebs away. If you are looking for a used fishing charter russell is a great choice.

If you don’t have your boat yet, a lot of boat rental services can help you relish fun in boating. However, before getting your feet wet, you’ll want to think thoroughly as there as various type of boats you can rent with each serving a particular purpose. Whether it is for leisure cruising, water sports, or fishing, be sure to get the right boast to maximize your water-loving potential.

Water Sports Boats

Boats are not only meant for exploring the waters but also for sports activities. If you’re someone blessed with athletic skills or someone looking for adrenaline, there are lots of ways you can enjoy in the water.

Different Types of Water Sports Boats

Wake boats. These boats optimize the wake and enable wakeboarders to perform their aerial manuevers. Often, they feature a ballast tank, which can be filled with water, to add weight and increase the wave underway.

Wakesurf boats. Resembling the wake boat, the wake surf boat is made to produce massive wakes on a boat’s side. This allows you to imitate the ocean wave when there aren’t good waves to surf or if you’re far away from a good surfing location. Wakesurf birds can also be added with extra weight to produce even larger amounts of wake and make the sport more thrilling.

Kayaks. These are lightweight and easily manuevered vessels, perfect for beginner. While it is often associated with leisure activities, it is considered as a water sport boat and used in aquatic races. They often have a cockpit for two people, and compartments for storage.

Ski boats. Ski boats that have a center engine and a direct-drive transmission. It allows skiers to get out fast and generate a flatter wake for easier turns and whip for a better water skiing experience.

Party Boats (Deck Boat, Pontoons, and Yacht)

If you have a relax and chill outlook in life, deck boats and pontoons are best for you. These boats are intended for leisure cruising or letting loose with your friends and families. They travel at low speeds and provides huge space to accommodate people while leaving room for your food and drinks. Often, they come also with sinks, barbecue grills, refrigerators, and sound systems, which earned them a reputation as an all-inclusive resort, making them perfect for parties on the water.

However, if you want to step-up the celebration, you could also rent a yacht but be ready to pay heftily for it. These boats seem like floating hotels meant for larger groups of people. They come with different amenities and perks, such as king-sized cabins, private baths, and private baths, while touting you on the most stunning coastlines.

Day Sailboats

Day sailboats are ideal for you if you’re looking to enjoy the invigorating sport of sailing. These boats will allow you to feel the ocean breeze and navigate to your desired spots, as your monohull or multihull vessel seamlessly slice through the water. They are meant for recreation, but space is available for shelter or sleeping in if you want to take a break from the adventure.

Fishing Boats

Men relaxing and fishing in a bass boat

Fishing is one of the best reasons why boating is fun. Anyone can enjoy the activity, regardless of age and experience. It’s an excellent way to bond with families and friends, enjoy nature, while also focusing on the activity at hand.

Different Types of Fishing Boats

Bass boats. These boats are ideal for fishing in freshwater. They have completely flat platforms, where you can sit and stand while casting the lure. The boat’s profile is shallow to the water and uses a sizeable outdoor motor. This provides better control and allows fast travelling to various fishing spots. Plus, they aren’t pretty loud lessening the chances of scaring off the fish. Once you caught one, place your bounty on the fish box, and continue fishing to your heart’s content. It will help to know how to bass fish.

Panga boats. This is a small, flat-bottomed fishing vessel, powered by an outdoor motor. It penetrates the water very low, often by just several inches. It is a basic boat, with ample space to work around, a perfect alternative for wading or fishing in skinny waters. Get ready to be exposed in the sun, though. They are open or sans any shading platform for better motion.

Sportfishing boat. This type is for people who are in for deep seawater fishing. It features an elevated platform for a better view of the fishing area and a cockpit at the stern for the fishing activity. Most sportfishing boats also have a cabin with chairs, kitchen, and bathroom, making this boat the total package.

Runabout Boats

These boats are so versatile that they can be used for many purposes. However, these boats work best for a small group of 2-4 people, wanting to leisure cruise, socialize with each other. It features cup holders and built-in coolers for you to enjoy your drinks and foods as you explore the waters and the picturesque sceneries in the area.

Boat Rentals FAQs

A boat dock

Why rent a boat?

Owning an own vessel entails a lot of responsibilities, such as maintaining the boat, paying insurance and storage fees, and paying hefty costs for repairs and damages. Moreover, not all have the financial capabilities to own a boy. With that, boat rental services are handy as it helps you to avoid those tasks and purely enjoy your trip. Plus, it allows you to choose your desired type of boat, depending on the activity you’re planning.

How do boat rentals work?

Aside from picking the best type of boat to rent, it is also essential to choose the best rental company. You don’t want any mishap to happen as you leave the dock. With that, make to check the company’s reputation, read reviews, and investigate if they are on top of their maintenance and repairs for a smooth experience on the water.

What are the eligibility requirements to rent a boat?

The eligibility requirement may vary depending on the rental agency and the location you’d be renting within. Rental companies often have their own policies, in which they use to operate. Some can be lenient while others may ask you to sign waivers for acknowledging responsibility for the vessel. Meanwhile, some states have their laws requiring drivers to complete classes before they can be allowed to drive a boat. Then, while most states need you to be at least 18 years old to rent, but others may you to be at least 21 or even 25.

How much is it to rent a boat?

Pricing varies depending on the type and size of the boat, the location, and the rental company. But, expect to pay security deposits as most states require them for any rental. Bigger and more luxurious fishing boat, such as the yacht, can be costly, while smaller ones can be more affordable. Make sure to decide well which type of boat you’ll need for your activity and try to compare and review price different rental agencies to find the best cost.

Boating rental is better when you know the basics. So, take note of this guide and review all information to help you get the best boat, and make the trip more fun and memorable!


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