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Bangkok, known as the “Land of Smiles,” is a city in Thailand with the nicest people you will ever encounter. Not just that! The city has a lot more to offer than you would think. There is a wide variety of activities available, from snorkeling and scuba diving to relaxing on the beach and receiving a soothing Thai massage. Additionally, Bangkok offers a variety of shopping options.

In case you didn’t know, Bangkok is one of the world’s most wonderful shopping locations. This place is a shopper’s dream come true since it has literally hundreds of different shopping malls and marketplaces to choose from.

Bangkok has a diverse array of shopping malls that cater to various lifestyles and price ranges. With food courts, groceries, movie theaters, game rooms, and multiple-screen movie theaters, it’s easy to spend a whole day in a single Bangkok mall.

Check out this list of the finest places to shop in Bangkok.

Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is a well-known shopping destination in Bangkok. Not only does it have the enormous shopping mall that spans numerous floors and has hundreds of luxury brand retail stores, but it also has a bowling alley, a music hall, an aquarium that is the biggest in Southeast Asia, and a multiplex movie theater with 15 different theaters, one of which has the largest screen in Asia. There is also a food court and Gourmet Market for your dining pleasure.

Central World Plaza

Central World Plaza is one of the most well-known shopping malls in Bangkok. It is Asia’s third biggest shopping mall. Additionally, it is in close proximity to Siam Paragon. 

There is a large open area outside the mall where several exhibitions and events are held.

Central World offers a wide range of consumer goods and services in Bangkok, including a wide array of offerings such as renowned apparel brands, trendy fashion items, a state-of-the-art 15-screen SF World Cinema, modern technological devices, bookstores, designer furniture, imported food products, a diverse selection of over 100 dining establishments and coffee shops, and even a facility for ice skating. 

The mall is usually bustling with activity, so it’s the place to go shopping in Bangkok if you want to catch a free live entertainment or music on certain events or holidays.

Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is not Bangkok’s largest mall, yet many people visit it because to its attractive architecture. The 9-story building has 600 stores, a Cineplex, a Gourmet Market (supermarket), and a fitness center.

In Terminal 21, you can fly all the way around the world in one day. Every floor in Terminal 21 is named after a well-known city around the world. There are representatives from London, Paris, Tokyo, Istanbul, San Francisco, and Rome on each of the six floors of Terminal 21.

Terminal 21 is also well-known for its wide selection of culinary options.

MBK Center

MBK is the oldest shopping mall in Bangkok, having first opened its doors all the way back in 1986. 

From the outside, it may seem to be a regular shopping mall, however MBK is really a market inside a building. This iconic place is well-known for its wholesales and affordable prices.

MBK Center is the greatest spot to purchase souvenirs and presents for loved ones since it is one of the most reasonable destinations yet selling some of the most stylish products. There are almost two thousand stores here, so it may become congested.

Platinum Fashion Mall

The Platinum Fashion Mall is a highly specialized megamall that caters only to apparel and fashion accessories, located in the Pratunam area. It gives the idea of a flea market indoors, with over 1,000 stores packed closely together on 4 floors. 

One of the notable advantages of shopping at this establishment is the availability of wholesale pricing, which enables customers to get greater savings by purchasing items in bigger quantities.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

The most well-liked market for travelers looking for unique and affordable goods is Chatuchak. When it first opened in the 1950s, Chatuchak Weekend Market was essentially a flea market. It has now grown to be Thailand’s biggest weekend market. There are over 15,000 vendors offering anything from apparel to plants to amulets, pets, and antiques, as well as lots of food and drink.

Now that it’s more of a tourist destination, it’s constantly packed with people. You could simply hang out here and people-watch while drinking a nice beer or a cup of coffee. The market, as the name suggests, is worth a visit on the weekend.

Icon Siam

The majestic Icon Siam, which opened in November 2018, is Bangkok’s “Mother of all Malls.” The mall is admirably situated along the banks of the city’s main river, the Chao Phraya.

The Icon Siam mall is a great spot to go shopping and delight in a vast selection of delectable Thai cuisine from all across Thailand. You may savor a broad range of delectable Thai cuisine on its main level, which is decorated to resemble a Thai food market. The Market almost has the appearance of a floating market due to the canal that runs through it.

The Icon Siam rooftop garden offers a breathtaking panorama of the Chao Phraya River and the Bangkok skyline. Also, don’t miss the magnificent water and multimedia display inside the mall’s massive water fountain.


EmQuartier is one of Bangkok’s upscale shopping malls, with over a thousand shops (both Thai and foreign), a wide variety of restaurants, a health club, and a multiplex theater. There are three distinct areas, one of which is located in its own building and is reached by a network of walkways. 

While The Waterfall Quartier is an outdoor atrium with a small waterfall, The Helix Quartier has around 50 eateries. A covered walkway connects EmQuartier to the Emporium Shopping Mall and Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain Station.

The EmQuartier Bangkok has a wide array of high-end retailers, as well as offices, event spaces, and a modern atrium garden with a man-made waterfall. It is the perfect place for you if you are not on a tight budget and want to treat yourself to the top brands.


Across from EmQuartier is another mall belonging to the same chain: Emporium. It was built in 1997 and recently renovated.

Stylish and comfortable, the Emporium is a one-stop shopping haven. Emporium’s interior is elegant and refined thanks to the use of white walls and a marble floor. As soon as you walk into the mall, you feel like you’re in a fancy place. The doormen keep the doors open for you and provide a kind greeting while mellow jazz music plays throughout the whole mall.

However, don’t assume that the mall just sells expensive goods. The main two floors do include high-end shops; however, the rest of the shopping center is filled with products available at standard prices.

Emporium is a fantastic location for the entire family thanks to its large sports section, toy area, and massive food court.

Siam Center

Siam Center Bangkok is the fashionable side of Siam Square Bangkok, where its fashion-oriented shopping malls draw large crowds of young and style-conscious consumers. There are dozens of shops selling the work of both emerging and established Thai designers, in addition to well-known names from the world of international fashion.

Aside from that, it offers a fantastic food court, that has a wonderful selection of Thai and Western cuisine and is less congested than Paragon’s. You can also take a breather at one of the local coffee stores.


Asiatique, a new and upscale riverside market, can be found just next to the Chao Phraya. Indoor and outdoor eating and shopping opportunities, as well as a variety of culturally diverse performances, may all be found here. 

The Danish Ostindiske Kompani formerly owned this stretch of land along the Chao Phraya River. Their former warehouses have been transformed into cafés, restaurants, pubs, and stores.

The stores mostly cater to tourists, offering a selection of Thai items and designs, many of which can also be found in the renowned Chatuchak Weekend Market. This market is highly regarded as a prominent destination for tourists and is also widely visited by local Thai residents.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a shopper, you’ll love Bangkok.

In this lovely city, there are several shopping malls offering a wide range of worldwide and Asian fashion design companies, as well as marketplaces selling unique and affordable goods. 

There’s more to shopping in Bangkok than simply spending money. It stands alone as an experience. When planning your vacation to Bangkok, ensure that you include these places in your travel itinerary. 


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