What are the top resorts in France?

French resort

Even though Paris is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, visitors to France will find that the country has much more to offer than just Paris. Whether they are situated in the countryside close to Versailles or along the Riviera, they all have the same beautiful … Read more

What are the most amazing castles in France?

French castle

France is dotted with countless picturesque castles and fortified towns, all of which have fascinating history to tell.  As a French speaker, you’ll know that the country is famed for its castles, which are called chateaux (if you’re not). There are castles from many times and styles, although most of them were … Read more

Try These Well-Known Beers in France During Your Visit

Try These Well-Known Beers in France During Your Visit

Well-loved by most for their delicious wine, beer in France is often overlooked by tourists, if not ignored at all due to its bad rap abroad. Yet, you might be surprised that beer-making is an age-old tradition in France and it’s actually home to the largest number of breweries in Europe. Banking … Read more

Who Is Considered the King of French Perfume Makers?

Versailles isn’t called the “perfumed court” for nothing. Since the renowned King of France has moved the capital 10 miles west-southwest of Paris, the court’s halls and salons were always deluged with aromatic perfume. Even the furniture and the fountain were sprayed with perfume, making Versailles powerfully fragrant. It has a quirky … Read more

Famous French Musicians to Add to Your Playlist

Famous French Musicians to Add to Your Playlist

Home to its iconic landmarks, beautiful structures, and buildings, fascinating art and culture, stunning beaches, ritzy ski resorts, delectable food, gorgeous countryside, and rich history, there’s no wonder why France consistently ranks as the most visited country in the world. Yet, not many know that it also produced plenty of musicians and … Read more

Top Beaches To Visit in France

Top Beaches To Visit in France

Renowned for the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and pioneering cuisine, France is a haven for any traveler who wants to experience stunning history, rich culture, and tasty delights. The thing is, this country has lots more to offer to fulfill your holiday dream. France is home to some of Europe’s most stunning … Read more

Paris: The City of Lights or Love?

Paris: The City of Lights or Love?

From “Pantruche” to “Lutece” and “Paname,” the stunning city of Paris is among the many popular destinations that come in many nicknames. Apart from also being dubbed as the world’s fashion capital, Paris is perhaps more renowned for being the “City of Lights” or the “City of Love.” as the famous French … Read more

Charter Bus Services in Paris

Bus Services

Vacationing in Paris is surely a dream come true for many of us, but if we are new to traveling, we would soon realize that going to different countries and cities is not actually easy, especially if you don’t exactly know where to go. If you are traveling with friends or family … Read more

Jean Imbert – The Inspiring French Chef

chef kitchen

Tracing from his grandmother’s kitchen and her traditional, healthy, yesteryear cuisine, French chef Jean Imbert’s passion for food ignited. He then worked hard to elevate his knowledge and skills, soon earning his baccalaureate at a tender age, establishing his own restaurant, and winning the “Top Chef,” among many other notable achievements. A … Read more

Backpacking in France: Best Places to Visit in a Budget Introduction

Backpacking in France

France is considered to be one of the greatest places for backpackers, and for good reason. Termed by Ernest Hemmingway as the “Moveable Feast”, France is a diverse European country when it comes to the landscape. Backpacking there means you’ll be uncovering many layers of natural beauty, culture, history and more during … Read more