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In this article we will tell you about one of the largest resort towns in Bulgaria. About the city where many trade routes have focused. In Burgas there are: sea port, railway station, bus station and airport. The city is known far outside the country due to “profitable” shopping, beaches with dark sand (magnetite rich) and comparatively low prices.

Burgas is a beautiful and interesting city, rich with attractions. There are many churches and museums, monuments, lakes and parks.

Despite the fact that it is a major port city, and as is known beaches and the sea in these areas are not the best, Burgas, as it turned out, became a pleasant exception to all rules.

City graced us with clean and well-maintained beaches with all kinds of modern comforts and entertainments, a nice dark sand, which also is healthful, crystal clear water and easy descent to the sea. On the way to the central beach of the city, you will have the opportunity to stroll through the spacious and shady seaside park, and if you get tired, you can sit on one of the many benches or even lie down (!) in the hammock.

The city is rich in oil – this is one of the main sources of income. On the territory of Burgas is located complex “Neftokhim” – the supplier of the company “Lukoil”. The second source of income is fishing.

Shopping in Burgas

In Burgas I, like the most of women, was attracted by the “cheap shopping“. Shopping in Burgas is advertised by representatives of many travel agencies. That is why, having left early in the morning from Nessebar (ticket costs 6 lev per person), I was waiting for successful and numerous purchases. Pre-reading, what shops and streets we should pay attention to, we slowly went to the heart of the city.

Note: Shops in Burgas are opened at 10 am, so if you come to the town very early, do not hurry to go to the commercial points.

We were on Alexander Street and Aleko Bogorodi Street – the large central pedestrian shopping streets. Despite the discount season in late summer and, literally screaming from every shop window upon us, posters with “sale” labels, “seasonal reduction” or “total liquidation”, I can not say that this shopping can be called favorable and cheap.

Basically, the quality of goods in the stores is poor (especially it concerns the shoes), a lot of imitations of brands, and, in general, goods are imported from Turkey. But in this case in itself begs the question: “Isn’t it easier to choose a journey excursion shopping tour to Turkey and there to satisfy your desires about good shopping?”.

Even with the “discounts” prices were high. For example, for casual jeans in one of the numerous shops were exposed price of about 130 levs, and the cheapest shirt of questionable quality could be found for the price of 25 levs. After a long and persistent searching of the “normal” price, we decided to stop wasting time on shopping in Burgas and go shopping in Pomorie, where, as we were able to repeatedly make sure, things real prices were lower.

To sum up: thanks to the established stereotype for a long time, a lot of tourists go to Burgas with the purpose to fill the bags with inexpensive and quality goods. Unfortunately, for most residents of Russia and Ukraine, the prices have long since ceased to be low. Despite everything, Burgas is one of the most popular cities for tourists who want to combine a relaxing holiday with the acquisition of useful things, because the choice of products is truly great and multifaceted.

Attractions of Burgas

Although Bourgas is small (a paradox is in the fact that the city is the 4th largest city in Bulgaria), it abounds with monuments and unusual natural science sights. The most important thing is that you do not have to travel to different parts of the city in order to see most of these treasures, because they are concentrated nearby.

Arriving in Burgas from the Nessebar, you can see the unique Lake of Burgas or as it is called Lake Vaya. It is the largest natural lake in Bulgaria. Swimming in its waters is not recommended. If you want to see all the beauty of the lake, we recommend you to go boating down it.

The real highlight of this water body are its inhabitants – many species of fish and birds, some of them are even listed as endangered.

In Burgas there are very beautiful churches. First, that we were able to see, it was the church of the Assumption of the Virgin. For a long time the building was used as a hospital. Unfortunately, in the early morning the church was still closed and we were content only with a magnificent exterior.

Another church, that appeared on our way, became the Armenian Church of the Holy Cross. Curious tourists will be interested to know that this church – the oldest in the city. The temple is quite small in size, but it is cozy and quiet there.

Nearby is another church – of the Holy Virgin. Unlike the previous cathedrals, it is very large and spacious. In earlier times, namely in the middle of the XIX century the temple could accommodate the entire population of Bourgas.

The last church, that appeared on our way, is described at all sites. It is the Church of St. Cyril and St. Methodius. A feature of the temple is its size – it is the largest cathedral of Burgas. During our vacation, the church was closed for restoration. Candlesticks and some church utensils sheltered for a time in a one-story building, which is located next to the church. Certainly the temples that are listed by us, are not the only ones in the city, but they are among the most interesting.

But this green coastal town is rich not only with cathedrals. Many tourists enjoy visiting the Burgas museums. It is worth noting, that there are only 4 museums: ethnographic, archaeological, historical and natural science. They are close by, what is very convenient, and even their own buildings are represent architectural interest.

Particular value are the opera, puppet and drama theaters. There you can not only relax, but also enjoy the excellent performance productions.

Bulgarians are very warm and kind to the fraternal peoples. In the heart of Burgas there is a monument to the Soviet soldier, referred to as “Alyosha”. In front of Stella there is an unusual fountain – from afar it looks more like a hazy surface, but it can be seen only in the early morning, later in time the spraying is disconnected.

During our stay in the town next to the monument on the square located an exhibition of photographs of the most interesting events and people of Bulgaria.

And also Burgas has a real “navel of the city.” Frequently, near the mark “zero kilometer” there are many tourists. At this point it was determined the center of the city, so all the other buildings are focused on it.

We also remember the large seaside park Burgas. There you can see a lot of benches, small monuments, fountains, flower beds, a summer open-air theater, a playground and bicycle paths. From the park you can go down to the sea or just admire it from a height. For walking small dogs there is a specially fenced area. Throughout the park placed the urns for cleaning after our furry friends.

In the seaside park there is another very interesting park – Lake. There, since 2008, every summer hosts an exhibition of sand sculptures. Masters from different countries demonstrate their skills by performing work on a specific topic of the festival. Sometimes sculptures can reach enormous sizes – up to 8 meters in height. Entrance to the festival is paid, but the impressions gained from the seen, justify the time and money spent on them.

We remembered Burgas as a very green, comfortable, quiet and inexpensive resort town. There are many places that are worth to see and places to go to rest.

Attractions of Burgas on the map

To make it easier for you to navigate, we noted the most important sights of Bourgas and the bus stop on the city map

How to get there?

There are many trip buses that go to Burgas. The ticket price from Nessebar – 6 levs ,from Pomorie – 3,5 levs per person.

You can rent a car or go on an excursion-shopping.

Well, if you have chosen Burgas as a resort town – try to spend at least one day to enjoy the beauty of this amazing place.

Tickets to Burgas

On the territory of Burgas is located its own airport. Every day hither arrive tourists from all parts of the globe. To view the cost of tickets for a resort vacation in Burgas, use the table below.


In Burgas we spent most of the day and had a lot to capture in the memory of this city. We suggest to enjoy the most interesting and unusual photos directly on our website:

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