Amazing Northern Lights Experiences Around the World


Seeing the northern lights is one of the best experiences anyone could have. Imagine witnessing the night sky lit up by stunning lights? For thousands of years, the neon glow of the northern lights has captured people’s attention and curiosity across the globe. With all of the growing ease of travel and technological innovations that we have today, chasing and witnessing the northern lights is now easier. In this article, we are going to list down the best places in the world where you can get a glimpse of this fantastic light show.

1. Fairbanks, Alaska

Witnessing the Northern Lights also means that you have to endure the bitter cold temperatures outside. But in Fairbanks, Alaska, there is a resort called Chena Hot Springs Resort where you can dip in warm and mineral-rich waters while you are enjoying the fantastic light show. Fairbanks is located directly beneath a band of aurora activity, most specifically from August up until the end of April, and it usually happens between 10 P.M to 3 A.M. That’s right, for most of the year, Fairbanks regularly experiences a celestial display of yellow, green, and purple. 

2. Finland

The northern lights typically appear over Finland for 200 nights every year. One of the best ways to witness Finland’s northern lights is to check in at the Kakslauttanen Resort. They have glass igloos where you can doze off while watching the northern lights. If you do not want to stay in your room, the resort also offers a reindeer-drawn sleigh ride that will take you through the surrounding wilderness to get a glimpse of the aurora. Aside from the glass igloos, the resort also has a century-old traditional log house with a sauna. 

3. Greenland

Greenland is known for its minimal light pollution, which means that the northern lights can be in near-perfect visibility in some places. If you want to witness the northern lights in Greenland, it is best if you stay here during the aurora season, which is from September up until the beginning of April. 

4. Tromso, Norway

This city is the largest city in Norway, and it is located right in the middle of the aurora oval. Tromso is also known to be the “Gateway to the Arctic,” and from August through April, the city offers its visitors a wide variety of tours to choose from. These tours include whale-watching, fjord tours, snowmobile adventures, and of course, aurora-spotting tours. 

5. Yukon, Canada

From August to April, the sky above the Yukon Territory in Canada is where the northern lights are seen for hours. Aside from the aurora-spotting, you can also learn about folklore and science about the aurora’s colors at the Northern Lights Center located in Watson Lake. After a long night of aurora-spotting, you can spend a day of pampering at the Northern Lights Resort and Spa located in Whitehorse. 

6. Sweden

Every year, artisans like to meticulously create the Icehotel structure using the ice that is harvested from the Torne River located in the north of the Arctic Circe. The Icehotel doesn’t just have the best view of the aurora, and they also offer several excursions such as a safari complete guided walks while searching for the northern lights, nightly photography tours, and snowmobile safaris in the wilderness. 

7. Svalbard, Norway

Because Norway experiences polar night, or also known as perpetual darkness, it offers tourists and guests a double opportunity to see the northern lights between November and February. One of the best places in Norway is Svalbard because this is the only inhabited place in the whole world where you can see the northern lights during the day. Aside from that, you can also go on a three-hour snowcat safari or a cold snowmobile tour that is complete with delicious biscuits and warm drinks. 

8. Churchill, Canada

This is one of the most accessible places to go if you want to see the northern lights and some polar bears, too. Churchill, Canada, experiences more than 300 aurora activities every year. Aside from seeing the northern lights, you can also study northern lights photography and astronomy at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. 


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