Alternative Activities to Do in Los Angeles


Known for its cultural and ethnic diversity, Mediterranean climate, booming metropolis, iconic landmarks, Hollywood stars, and sprawling entertainment industry, Los Angeles, California, ranks as one of the most famous vacation hotspots in the United States. Yet, not all are aware that behind the scenes, LA also offers a fantastic plethora of new and enriching alternative activities to delight locals and visitors alike. Here, discover what’s more beyond its splendor and what other non-cliché stuff you can do in LA.

Visit strange museums

LA is as bizarre as it can get as it is home to some of the uncanny museums. The first one to visit is the Museum of Death in Hollywood that will “make you feel happy to be alive.” Then, head on to Culver City’s Museum of Jurassic Technology, which features an incredible array of historical, scientific, ethnographic, and artistic items that will trigger your curiosity and imagination.

Do the Secret Stair Walk

Sounds interesting? Los Angeles has a myriad of hidden staircases that you can visit, most of which connect households and neighborhoods, accentuated by artworks and murals. These stairways remind and help visitors appreciate LA’s rich past before cars, technology, and people took over.

Head to the Sunken City

A 1929 landslide took a toll in the San Pedro neighborhood and forced beachside homes to slide into the ocean, giving birth to LA’s Sunken City. If you want to see a living example of what urban life will look like after an apocalypse, then you shouldn’t miss visiting the area.

See the Bradbury Building

One of Los Angeles’ impressive landmarks, the Bradbury Building is a five-store structure built in 1893. It is best renowned for its Victorian-style architecture, as seen on its stellar staircase, fixtures, iron railings, elevator, and walkways, making it a real photographer’s haven.

Enjoy food at the Grand Central Market

Feeling hungry? Don’t let your stomach suffer, and head quickly to Grand Central Market. Started in 1917, it has been a staple in LA, famous for its impeccable blends of cuisines, crafts, and culture. You’ll find everything here that can fulfill your appetite. Just be prepared to nudge during peak eating as you’ll surely encounter a great crowd.

Go to the Venice Canals

Nestled between elegant homes, Venice Canals of LA resemble Italy’s famous canals, accentuated by bridges and waterways. If you’re looking for somewhere to stroll in the Venice area, you know where you should be heading to.

Witness the beauty of the Chandelier Tree in Silver Lake

Probably one of the most enchanting attractions in Los Angeles, the Chandelier Tree in Silver Lake is a towering tree decorated with stunning, antique chandeliers that are magnificent to see in the day but becomes even more awe-inspiring at night. Bring your camera once you visit the area to document this remarkable treasure in Los Angeles.

Have fun at Echo Park Lake

What used to be an “avoided” neighborhood, Echo Park now serves as a well-loved hangout place for LA residents and visitors, thanks to the thorough renovation and rehabilitation. Weather is almost perfect here throughout the year, so you can have a picnic, go pedal boating, and engage in other recreational activities for a fun-filled day.

Go Bar Hopping in Highland Park

Need not to say much, if you’re over 21, go bar hopping in Highland Park as its bar scene is of the hippest, splashiest, and most innovative in LA. Spend one night and prove it yourself.

Explore Koreatown and Little Tokyo

If you want to deviate from the teeming people of Hollywood, then you’ll surely love taking a stroll at the Koreatown and Little Tokyo. Both neighborhoods boast a magnificent blend of cultures, where you can get that Asian feel with their collection of authentic shops, restaurants, and even theaters and museums.

See the Watts Tower

A collection of 17 non-traditional, interconnected architectural towers, the Watts Towers in the Watts neighborhood is another sight to behold. Different materials were used for these structures, from steel, mortar, wire mesh, glass, tile, porcelains, and what not – all forming great towering pieces of art.

Don’t miss the Travel Town Museum

Not many are aware, but LA actually has a rich railway history. To experience that, you need to visit the Travel Town Museum, dedicated in 1952 and situated at Griffith Park. Its collection focuses on railroad transportation’s history in the US from 1880 to the 1930s, perfect if you or your kids’ have a particular interest in trains.

Check out the old zoo in Griffith Park

A zoo used to operate in Griffith Park starting in 1912 but was closed in 1966 for the opening of the LA Zoo. Now abandoned, the site is open to the public and is now a picnic area and hiking trail. It provides a different, eerie but cool experience as you get to explore many ruins and cages where animals used to stay.

Bike along Ballona Creek

Want to burn some calories while on a trip? Biking is your best bet, and it’s more exciting when you do it at the Ballona Creek Bike Path. The six-mile bicycle path runs from Culver City to Marina Del Rey and traverses different areas brimmed with scenic views and amazing flora and fauna – all you can expect is a fun ride!

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Though it might be weird to visit a cemetery, Hollywood Forever is a remarkable destination as it is the resting place of some of the industry’s biggest celebrities. Plus, the site also features beautiful architecture and gardens and hosts concerts and movie screenings. Visiting the area is a great item to add to your LA to-do list.


That’s the off-the-beaten activities you can try in Los Angeles for a different yet still memorable experience in the area, attesting that it is not only about movie stars, glamor, and beaches in The Big Orange.


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