9 Top Reasons Why People Move to Malaysia

If you are looking to move to a different part of the world and start a completely new and different life, Malaysia might be a location that you have already considered. Moving to a different country isn’t always an easy process, as there are lots of different factors to consider, including visa and work permit requirements, getting used to a different culture and language, adapting to a different climate, getting used to the cuisine and finding somewhere suitable to live. While moving to Malaysia can seem quite daunting, it’s definitely worth the effort. Some of the main reasons why people relocate to Malaysia include:

Property Ownership

While you can easily start out with finding a rent room Malaysia by searching property sites like Property Guru, investing in property in this country is fairly easy for foreigners compared to other locations around the world. To get started with looking for your perfect property in Malaysia, Property Guru is recommended as the top site to use with various listings for properties to rent or for sale to explore. Once you are ready to buy, foreigners are permitted to purchase residential homes priced at more than RM500,000. Banks and other financial companies will provide home loans to foreigners with a good credit score.

Economic and Political Stability

Over the years, Malaysia has been a country that has experienced quite a lot of political and economic stability. Despite the current economic conditions in other areas around the world, Malaysia is a country that is expected to remain stable and avoid extreme downturns, making it an attractive prospect for those looking to relocate.

Natural Beauty

Malaysia is one of the lowest populated countries in the continent of Asia, which means that it offers a lot of natural and unspoiled countryside areas. If you are an outdoors type of person, Malaysia will certainly feel like a dream come true for you with stunning beaches, jungles, tropical islands, hills, and countryside to explore, filled with local wildlife and natural flora and fauna.

Great Infrastructure

Malaysia is a country that has an excellent infrastructure, with consistent and regular improvements to make it even better for both locals and ex-pats living in the country. Once you relocate to Malaysia you will find a modern, well-equipped capital city, a world-class airport, and an excellent road network. In addition to this, Malaysia is highly committed to becoming the leading IT hub in Asia.

Safety and Healthcare

When you move to Malaysia, there is no need to worry about your personal safety since this country has a lower crime rate than most Western countries. In addition to being safe for everybody, Malaysia also has a very high quality healthcare industry with private hospitals that offer excellent treatment, use world-class equipment, and hire highly trained and experienced professionals that are available at a lower cost compared to other countries’ healthcare systems.

Excellent Food

The local cuisine is almost always a big hit with people who visit or relocate to Malaysia. There is a wide variety of different cuisines on offer including traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian food. For those who enjoy trying different cuisines from around the world, you will not be disappointed with the range of restaurants offering different international dishes, especially in the capital city.

Great Weather

Malaysia might not be the hottest country in the world, but you cannot fault the warm weather that offers sunshine for most of the year. And, for those who don’t like too much heat, you will be glad to hear that escaping the sun is easy here since the majority of homes, public buildings and vehicles offer full air conditioning.

Entertainment and Shopping

Whether you want to get designer labels at a great price or find bargains at local markets, Malaysia is becoming a hot spot for shoppers. The number of shopping centers and malls in Malaysia is rising, especially in Kuala Lumper. In terms of entertainment, there is also a lot on offer. All the major cities in Malaysia have a wide selection of movie theaters, bars and clubs to enjoy.

Low Cost of Living

Compared to most Western countries, the cost of living in Malaysia is quite low, which is one of the main reasons why people from Western countries decide to move here. If you want to make your money stretch further, you will have no problem doing this in Malaysia. Whether you are working remotely for a company in your home country or getting a pension from your home country, there are no taxes payable on remittances from abroad. Along with this, Malaysia offers a better standard of living for the price that you pay compared to many Western countries; you will be surprised as to just how much you can get for your money here.

If you need a big change in your life, moving to Malaysia could be the ideal option for you for any of these great reasons.