Top Things You Should Know Before Moving

In order for the move to go smoothly, you need to think everything through in advance. Make a list of things, think about what to pack and how to get them to their destination in one piece.

Conflicts with the moving company, crumpled boxes, and spoiled property is not good for anyone. It is better to transport things in your car. And if its size does not allow it, use the service transport van rentals.

How to transport your belongings to another city?

If you need to move to another city and not to a new apartment across the street, you should take the organization of transportation seriously. If you need expert professionals to handle your local and commercial moving needs, we recommend you to contact the best NYC movers.

A passenger car or a car with a trailer

If there are no large items or furniture, it is better to use a passenger car with a roomy trunk or a trailer for moving. You can save on transportation with the help of BlaBlaCar. Many of these sites indicate the type of car, so you can estimate the size and capacity of the vehicle in advance. Don’t forget to tell the driver that you will have things.

Container transportation

This type of transportation is suitable for large-sized cargo. Even a car can be delivered in a container. Containers come in a variety of capacities. It is usually measured in feet. A special box is securely protected. The price for container shipping is fixed and does not depend on how much stuff is inside.


If the volume of things is not as small as for a passenger car but not as large as for container transportation, it is better to use trucks. A rental van will bail you out in this situation. You can also contact a transportation company. It can offer the services of movers and cargo insurance.

Nuances of transporting things

You need to choose your transport company carefully. You want to save money when moving, but you should not pick the cheapest offer. If you do not wish the refrigerator and sofa to arrive at the destination damaged, it is better to rent a van and move things yourself. Or take a rental van with a driver.

To know for sure that your belongings will be okay, take care of their safety. Consider how many boxes you need for transportation. Scotch tape, polyethylene with “bubble wrap,” cardboard sheets, colored markers, stickers, and garbage bags with a large capacity are helpful.

It is necessary to protect the cargo from the rain. If the boxes get wet, the contents must stay dry. How to do this? First, we put an open garbage bag in the box and spread it out. Then we stack the items and secure the load.

Pay attention to the capacity of the boxes. To transport clothes from the closet directly on hangers, you can use special shipping boxes made of cardboard, where inside, there are holes for hooks.

It is worth starting to assemble things in advance, at least four days before the expected transportation date. Initially, you should put items that will not be needed immediately. For example, photo albums, spare towels, linens, books, photos in frames.

Lay out the essentials in separate boxes and sign that they should be loaded last and retrieved first. Various expensive items such as documents, appliances, jewelry, cash. – pack at the very last moment and bring them with you, not in the cargo area.

Other items can be sorted and stacked in any order. Among the principles of separation are: by living room (bedroom, nursery, playroom, living room, kitchen, office) or by use (things and items for sports, household chemicals for laundry and cleaning, dishes and tools for cooking, etc.).

What to do with furniture?

It would be best if you prepared the furniture. If you have large furniture, take it apart first. This is necessary to smoothly remove the wardrobes, for example, from one home and bring it into another.

If necessary, you can call a furniture assembler/disassembler. Bulky drawers and other things do not disassemble to spoil it. If you plan to disassemble yourself, make yourself a manual that will help when reassembling.

Put the fittings in a container or sturdy bag. Then wrap it in cling film and tape. You can use sheets of cardboard or the same film to pack the pieces of your property. Pay special attention to its corners.

It would help if you prepared the appliances. If necessary, clean and dry appliances. If there is anything inside the technique, it should be taken out and put separately. Secure wires, sashes, and doors with duct tape. Have a great move!