The best things to do in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands


Aviemore boasts one of the best locations for tourists to spend both summer and holidays. Some popular activities common in this area are snowsports (during the winter), climbing, walking, biking, etc. Aviemore is also home to some of the greatest ski locations, cycle trails, secluded lochs, and captivating forests.

In addition, 3 out of all 4 tallest mountains in the British Isles are situated in Aviemore. Follow our guide as we discuss some of our best picks to make your stay in Aviemore worthwhile. For the best lodges and cottages around Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands, look no further than The Hollies Retreats.

Activities to make your stay in Aviemore interesting

1. Visit the Cairngorms mountains range

For tourists who fancy snowboarding and skiing as a sport, we can’t think of a more satisfying location than the Cairngorms mountains. In addition, this site is home to a plateau that offers the closest conditions to that of the arctic, boreal, alpine, and tundra in Britain.

Also, 3 of Scotland’s 4 highest mountains – Carn Toul, Braeriach, and Ben Mac Dui – are located here. Furthermore, the mountain sits in Cairngorm’s national park, which also houses several other fun locations and activities. Visitors have an endless list of activities, including snow sports, canoeing, trail hiking, wildlife viewing, etc.

2. Spend some time with Scottish wildlife and endangered species

Scotland has some of the rarest wildlife you’ll find on the planet. It also houses some endangered animals. Interestingly you can see all of this at a single location – the Highland Wildlife Park.

Some native species, such as the Scottish Wildcat and the capercaillie, are found here. If you’re interested in wilder fun, you might want to see polar bears or some Amur tigers. The main reserve of the park has areas where visitors can move around in cars. You can walk about the surrounding area on foot as well.

3. The Glenmore Forest Park is a place you must visit

At the foot of the Cairngorm mountains is the famous Glenmore Forest Park, all situated in Aviemore. From records, it has been shown that the park attracts more than 250,000 visitors yearly. An exciting feature of this forest is its collection of Caledonian pinewoods.

Some of the activities visitors to the park engage in are skiing, mountain biking, and walking. This location also houses another interesting site just beside the woods – Loch Morlich. The beach has also won the Rural Beach Award from Keep Scotland Beautiful. Lastly, check out the exotic Pass of Ryvoan before leaving Glenmore Forest Park.

4. Partake in some Scottish festivals

Scottland has several festivals that will keep visitors wishing for more. The Big Mix festival is one such interesting festival. Well, this festival is reserved for people who’d love to relish a tipple or more. However, onlookers are also welcome. At this festival, the event organizers provide mixes of some of the best Scottish beers and spirits.

During the three-day festival, residents of Aviemore use the opportunity to enjoy the area’s top drink and food producers, arts and crafts, and venues. Furthermore, if you have a thing for dogs, the Aviemore Sledge Dog Rally is a festival you’ll love to attend. Just make it a date in January.

5. Visit the Coylumbridge hotel and the Highland folk museum

On a land stretch south of Aviemore is the Highland Folk Museum. This is the first open-air museum in Britain and is located at Newtonmore. The most spectacular site in this museum is the 1700s model buildings. These buildings are located in an area known as the Highland Township.

On some occasions, the Highland Folk Museum hosts activities such as weaving, rope making, and other highland crafts. At the famous Coylumbridge hotel is the Fun House, where kids and adults alike can participate in various fun activities. While kids can enjoy hours of fun at the games room or soft play center, adults can partake in a game of bowling or golf.


Aviemore is one of the best places we’d recommend to anyone on tour to Scotland. Visitors welcome a fresh experience of local brews, delicacies, and culture. Also, wildlife photographers and lovers alike are sure to have an experience of a lifetime.

There’s also a wide variety of endangered Scottish wildlife species, other native wildlife, and trees to keep you staring for hours. Additionally, a visit to the mountains where you could ski, climb mountains, and partake in other interesting activities is one you wouldn’t want to miss.


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