Moving to Thailand: The Land of Smiles

a wonderful view of Bangkok, Thailand

a wonderful view of Bangkok, ThailandThailand is a country located at the center of the Southeast Asian Indochinese peninsula. It is the 50th largest country in the world with 76 provinces and it is also the 21st most populous country. Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and the largest city which is a special administrative area. The country is bordered to the north by Myanmar and Laos, to the east by Laos and Cambodia, to the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, and to the west by the Andaman Sea.

Thailand is known to be an incredible destination because of its palaces, temples, markets, shopping, fine dining, and friendly people. It has a unique culture, traditions, and language. It has long established itself as one of the top destinations in Asia for expats who are looking into relocating and enjoying the tropical paradise that is popularly known as the Land of Smiles.

Consider Moving to Thailand

Thailand or The Kingdom of Thailand is indeed a beautiful and diverse country. It offers an enticingly unique mixture of the traditional and the ultra-modern. It is a country that looks to the future while still holding on tightly to its heritage and rich history. Thailand has something for everyone and that is not an understatement. It’s because they have here hi-tech urban metropolises, royal coastal resorts with wonderful beaches, beautiful islands, bountiful farms and fields, and as well as lush mountains and vast national parks.

Many people from different countries aim to move to Thailand because they will be able to enjoy all the modern world has to offer here and live an affordable luxury living. Aside from that, expats can also experience the joys of rural life in the provinces if that is what they are looking for. Your options in this country are very much open. And there are many more wonderful reasons to move to Thailand.

Did you know that you can live comfortably in Thailand for only $1800 to $2300 a month? And if you choose to move to the smaller towns here, you will find an even lower cost of living. Aside from that, another great thing about Thailand is they offer mouthwatering Thai foods that are also accessible and inexpensive. This means that you can eat well in this country no matter how large or small your wallet is. Every city, town, and village here offer great street foods as well, meaning, you don’t need to travel far to find something good to eat.

Thailand is indeed a wonderful place to live in. However, before you decide to move here, there are important things to consider such as the budget you need and what you should do with your properties in your home country. Aside from that, there are also some basic things about Thailand that you need to learn first if you’re planning to move there. This may include learning about their money, how they live, the climate in Thailand, and more. Plus, there are also more things to learn and do when you arrive in Thailand.

Best Places to Live in Thailand

Thailand is considered to be a major regional transport hub in Asia. In fact, it has developed domestic travel infrastructure, making it easy to get from one part of the country to the other whether by automobile, train, or plane. This means that you can choose to live anywhere you like in this country. Here are three of the best and popular places to live in Thailand for expats:


This is the capital city of Thailand and also the center of the country’s economy. If your reason to move is that you want to work in Thailand, then Bangkok is a great choice for you. In fact, many expats live in Bangkok for business and professional reasons. But there are also some you simply live the urban lifestyle. It also has the largest population of any city in Thailand because there are over 14 million residents here. It features large and modern metropolis, shopping malls, and sky trains which are alongside traditional markets, parks, and waterways.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a great place for expats who are looking into living in a peaceful and historic city. You will be able to see in this place the old city’s fortified wall and moat. Compared to Bangkok, the cost of living here in Chiang Mai is less expensive. This is the reason why it attracts people from all walks of life such as small business owners, teachers, retirees, and more. This place is also close to several national parks and mountain areas where you can hike and camp if you love adventure.


This is the largest island in Thailand. There are over 600,000 local residents and more than 100,000 expats of every nationality here. This place is perfect for beach lovers because there are many different beaches scattered on this island. Aside from beaches, Phuket also has a number of world-class golf courses which are popular with expats and tourists and as well as with middle and upper-class Thais.

The Language and Culture of Thailand

people in Thailand celebrating the HaePhaKhuen That festival
Culture of Thailand

The official language of Thailand is Thai, which is a Tai-Kadai language closely related to Lao, Shan in Myanmar and as well as to other smaller languages that are spoken in an arc from Hainan to Yunnan south to the Chinese border.

If you dream of living and working in Thailand, one of the important things you should learn is their language. It’s because Thai is the principal language of education and government and it is spoken throughout the country. Aside from that, there are other good reasons to learn the Thai language such as to make friends, to understand Thai people better, to find a job, to get around the country easily, and more.

The standard language in Thailand is based on the dialect of the central Thai people. This dialect is written in the Thai alphabet which is an abugida script that evolved from the Khmer alphabet. Aside from the standard language, there are sixty-two languages that were recognized by the Royal Thai Government. These include Southern Thai and Northern Thai which are spoken in the provinces of Thailand.

The culture of Thailand, on the other hand, has been shaped by lots of influences including Chinese, Cambodian, Burmese, Indian, and Lao. It means that many of its traditions incorporate a great deal of influence from China, Cambodia, India, and the rest of Southeast Asia. Religion is one of the important aspects of their culture. The national religion of Thailand is Theravada Buddhism, which is central to modern Thai identity.

Aside from that, respect is also very important in Thai culture, as well as hospitality and generosity. There are also practices that are considered taboo in the culture of Thailand and some of them include pointing with the feet because it is the lowest part of the body, and touching someone’s head because for them, it is the most sacred part of the body. You can learn more about these things on our post about Understanding the Thai Culture.

Thailand is indeed one of the best places to live among the different countries in the world. However, there are many considerations and things to accomplish before you’ll be able to move here. But once you’ve done these things and get used to how Thai people live, then you will be able to live like a local in Thailand in no time. If moving to and living in Thailand is one of your goals in life, then we are happy to help. You can check out these in-depth posts about moving to Thailand for more information: