Burgas: a timetable of public transport


Burgas – is one of the biggest coastal cities in Bulgaria. You can go from Burgas to any point in Bulgaria, and even abroad.

Not far away from Burgas lies the most popular airport on the coast of Bulgaria. In fact, it is one of the major airports in the country where the majority of the tourists arrive and depart. Do not take the taxi from from the airport, as it costs you a lot. It is much wiser to pre-book a transfer – and save a lot money as well save yourself from headache.

One of Bulgaria’s biggest railway networks is located near the South Bus station of the city. It enables you to get to places (such as Plovdiv or the country’s capital, Sofia) for a smaller fare.

The town itself is also very interesting – we’ve already written a good article about the main attractions of Burgas.

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Where is the bus station and bus stop in Burgas?

In Burgas there are two main bus stations which are rather large by Bulgarian standards. In case you need to ask the locals, “bus station” in Bulgarian is called “avtogara”, and the bus stop is “avtobusna spirka”.

The southern bus station in Burgas is located next to the railway. On the map it is marked by an icon of the bus. From here buses run mostly along the coast of the country – in the direction of Varna (Pomorie, Aheloy, Ravda, Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Obzor) and to the south – in the direction of Sozopol, Chernomorets and Primorsko.

From the western bus station buses run mostly deep into the country – Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo and other cities in Bulgaria.

We also noted on the map a small bus stop, where it is convenient to sit down to the bus in the direction of Varna. It is necessary to clarify, that from the same stop local buses run within the city. Do not be confused – look at the signs on the windshield near the driver – you can see signs where the bus goes.

Where can you go from Burgas?

From Burgas you can conveniently go to almost any corner of the country. We have already written a review of the major resorts of Bulgaria in terms of attractions and availability. In case of Burgas, we especially recommend the following routes:

From Burgas to Pomorie

Pomorie – Is a very beautiful, quiet and picturesque town. Prices here are low compared to the other resort towns. Pomorie is rarely mentioned on the Internet and we feel that it deserves a little more recognition.

In Pomorie you can find lots of interesting attractions which include the famous lake, which is inhabited by swans, pelicans, herons and other wild birds.

The city is also not deprived of excellent beaches, among which we would like to highlight the deserted and amazingly beautiful beach on the spit of Pomorie.

A ticket from Burgas to Pomorie costs 3 levs, a trip will take about half an hour.

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From Burgas to Nessebar

You should definitely visit Nessebar – one of the most famous and popular resorts on the Bulgarian coast. If you come here, be sure to walk to the Old Town. This is an amazingly beautiful place from which we have brought a huge number of excellent photos.

A ticket to Nessebar will cost you 6 levs, a trip from Burgas will take about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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From Burgas to Sunny beach

Getting to Sunny Beach from Burgas is not at all difficult. A ticket will cost 6 levs (the same fare from Burgas to Nessebar), and a trip will be about 10 minutes longer (1 hour and 20 minutes). The express routes would take you only 55 minutes to get to Sunny Beach.

Beaches in Sunny Beach are usually crowded. And Sunny Beach is quite expensive. Unless you have lots of money to waste on luxury hotels and nightclubs, there is absolutely nothing to do in Sunny beach. Although the beaches are generally good.

From Burgas to Varna

It takes about 2 hour and 20 minutes to get from Burgas to Varna. Part of the road runs along the serpentine mountain road. A ticket will cost 14 levs — and that’s just one way.

If you can afford it, feel free to go to Varna. There really is something to see in the city – from ancient temples to the only Dolphinarium on the coast of Bulgaria. There are good shops in Varna with slightly lower prices than in Burgas (our personal impression).

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From Burgas to Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv and Kazanlak

Also from Burgas you can get to Veliko Tarnovo, Kazanlak and Plovdiv – really interesting cities, about which we wrote a brief article about attractions of Bulgaria.

It is only necessary to clarify, that such a trip only makes sense if you book your accommodation in the city upon arrival and go there with an overnight stay. Otherwise, you will not have time to see anything.

From Burgas to Ravda, Aheloy, Obzor, Balchik and Sozopol

In general, buses from Burgas go almost along the entire coast. Without any problems, you can get to Sozopol, Ravda, Aheloy, Obzor and Balchik.

There is nothing much to do in Ravda, Obzor or Aheloy – they are purely resort towns with no particular tourist attractions. Sozopol, albeit interesting, but gives way to Nessebar.

Balchik is worth visiting because of its fantastic Botanical Garden. But the road there and back will take 8 hours (including intervals between buses) and it will be too tedious and expensive.

A bus timetable from Burgas

As in any article with bus schedules in Bulgaria, in this article it is possible to sort routes of the city upon arrival and departure, the time you want to go and the price of a ticket. It is worth mentioning that all schedules of routes on our website are approximate and may only be used for indicative planning of future trips.


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