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Why the scenic beauty of Ottawa is eye captivating?

Why the scenic beauty of Ottawa is eye captivating

The best thing about Ottawa is that it is close to nature. The rivers, lakes, and other scenic beauties are among the best in the world. There are also well-placed roads that can lead you to the heart of the surrounding forestry. Also, it is easy to find communication here, which makes it a better option. These are some of the best places to drive around in Ottawa.

The places that can catch your attention when it Ottawa

  • Champlain parkwayIt is at a distance of 10.4km from the central city and is famous for Mackenzie king estate and Champlain lookout. It is an uphill route that branches off from Gatineau parkway. It takes you along the Gatineau hill and gives you the best scenic view of the Champlain lookout. 

  • Gatineau parkway: it is located at a distance of 18.3km away from the central city. The main sights here are camp fortune, pink lake, and Gatineau Park. Constructed during the 1950s this park is well-paved and rolls though the Gatineau Park. It is known for its lush greenery and passes through the pink lake, which is the most scenic water body in the entire lake.

  • Rockcliffe Parkway: From the central city, it is 14.2km away. The well-known sites here are Sussex, Ottawa River, aviation museum, and Rideau Hall. It features well-paved routes and passes along the Ottawa River. The view that you will see from the uphill is the Gatineau hill adjacent to the Ottawa River is worth noting. Avoid rush hours and Sundays to get the best view of the park. 

  • Wakefield: From the Ottawa side to Macdonald Cartier Bridge, it is 32.9km away. The most notable sites here being Morrison’s quarry, Wakefield Covered Bridge, and the adjacent ski resort. The route here follows along the Gatineau River and is also well exposed. It is also less hilly than highway 307. Hence it provides a relaxing drive all the way. Wakefield is a terrific destination for travelers and also offers a good view, therefore, making it ideal for photography. 

  • Luskville: At a distance of 34.2km from the central city, it is famous for Gatineau hills and Luskville falls. It is an unsung and flat route on the Gatineau side of the Ottawa River. It gives a view of the beautiful slopes of the Gatineau hills. You can take a hike up to the falls to get some idea of the Ottawa valley from Quebec all the way.

  • Colonel by drive: it is known for the Dow’s lake and Rideau Canal. The Rideau Canal is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. You can go up to Watson’s mill, which is in the south of Ottawa. 

There are a lot of sites that you can spend your time enjoying the beauty. The ones discussed here are the most significant. All you need to know is that Ottawa is a place that is known for its scenic beauty and is best for nature lovers. You can have a good time in the lap of nature. 

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