What to Consider When Choosing Hotels in Hobart for a Family Holiday

What to Consider When Choosing Hotels in Hobart for a Family Holiday

Going on a family holiday can be a great bonding experience for everyone, this is to say when it is done correctly, of course. When you book the wrong kind of holiday or accommodation it can have disastrous effects resulting in loads of unwanted family fights. For this reason, parents who are booking accommodation for a Hobart holiday should not underestimate the importance of the right kind of housing for the family.

To ensure your family comes back from your Hobart holiday relaxed and without any frustrations, follow this guide on things you must consider when booking lodging in the Tasmanian capital.


This is first on the list because traveling with the entire family means loads of eating. Book a hotel with free breakfast or even better, a buffet breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day and allows your family to build up some energy before the day starts.

If you do not want to cook or walk around endlessly trying to find decent restaurants, consider accommodation with a restaurant or meals included packages. Do not forget that if the adults want to indulge in some alcoholic beverages, that you should consider a place with an on-site cocktail bar.

Booking a place with catering, restaurant, and room service facilities will take away the stress of having to plan meals. Learn more about iconic Australian foods you have to try out here:


Surely, the family would like to unplug from all digital devices throughout the day. For the periods in between exploring and adventures, your accommodation needs to have decent Wi-Fi. This will allow everyone to catch up with friends back home or to upload photos onto their social media.

A strong internet connection is also important for parents who have to quickly check in with work or answer a few important emails. Nothing is more frustrating than internet not working or being too slow. Check with the hotel before booking whether their package include uncapped internet or paid versions.

Stay Healthy

With the current state of emergency with the COVID-19 outbreak, most tourist areas and locations are doing all they can to keep their guests safe. It might be wise to check in with the hotel’s safety rules and regulations before booking to ensure you are able to follow their safety guidelines (and whether they are implementing them).

As a rule, you should always think of safety first, especially when traveling with children. Is the pool area, balconies, and other play areas childproof and safe for children’s activities? Are their lifeguards available on site if the hotel has a swimming pool? And do they have proper COVID-19 prevention methods put in place? Without prohibiting the fun too much, a hotel should have strict healthy measurements put in place.

Hotels like the Henry Jones Hotel in Hobart prioritize their guest’s safety and health by implementing strict COVID-19 rules and regulations.



Especially if you are traveling over festive or holiday seasons, you can greatly benefit from some on-site entertainment. Whether it’s a fancy dress dinner with a live band or some sports, staying with a hotel that offers some extras to add joy to the festive season is great.

When you are not roaming around the city and would just like to relax next to the swimming pool, it is a great idea to book a space where the kids will still have something to do. Find accommodation that has children’s entertainment centers or at the very least a play area.

Australian heat is the perfect invitation to go for a swim, no matter what time of day or night it is. Check with the accommodation what on-site entertainment or activities they have available to ensure the entire family have something to keep them busy during down time.

Value for Money

Traveling with an entire gang can end up costing thousands of dollars. That is why it is important to find accommodation that stretches your dollar. When you pay a hefty daily fee there should be some extra services included like free breakfast and access to a pool.

Before booking, you should make sure that you are aware of services that will cost extras. Do they have an airport transportation available? And will you have to pay for extra towels, washing, or water that’s placed in the room? Having to pay hidden costs upon check out can really put a damper on the experience.


Make sure that the accommodation is located near tourist attractions and busy landmarks. Booking with accommodation that’s miles away from where the action happens can result in high taxi fees and great frustration. Especially if you want to go back to the hotel for a quick lunch, to freshen up, or an afternoon nap, you don’t want to spend hours driving out of the city to get to your hotel.

For a clearer idea of where you are heading and what your surroundings will look like, check out this detailed satellite map of Hobart.Amenities and Housekeeping

You do not want to spend your entire holiday cleaning up after your family. Make sure that the hotel in question offers housekeeping and general cleaning services. If it is not included in the daily fee, ask whether you can book it as an add on. Not having to do chores while you are on holiday will be a great way to unwind and will feel like you are relaxing and resting away from all the household duties from home.

Check in and Check Out

In many cases flight arrivals and departures don’t correlate with the hotel’s check in and out times. Before you are left stranded in front of the hotel’s door, make sure that they can accommodate you when you arrive early or when you must leave a bit later.

Do your research before booking accommodation for your next family holiday. Making sure that there are on-site restaurants, entertainment, and that the hotel is in a central area will guarantee a relaxing and luxurious visit to Hobart.

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