What Does Exhaust Do for a Motorcycle?

What Does Exhaust Do for a Motorcycle?Whether you’re checking out aftermarket options or just curious about your two-wheeled ride, find answers to all your exhaust questions. Discover how these simple pipes and metal flanges come together to create a killer ride, efficient fuel and iconic sound. Shop for replacement parts and motorcycle helmets for sale to hit the road and enjoy a hearty growl from your ride.

Motorcycle Exhausts 101

An exhaust system is designed to route gases away from you, improve your engine’s performance and reduce the noise of your engine. If you hop off your back and haven’t burned yourself or been breathing exhaust fumes, you can thank this system. A mixture of carbon monoxide and other gases aren’t exactly the air you’re looking for as you hit the road, so keep those fumes safely behind you with an exhaust system pointed safely behind you.

Your bike engine may already seem pretty loud, but take that exhaust off and you’ll see what it really means to be loud. The obnoxious sound of an unmuffled engine isn’t a pleasant experience for you or anyone else on the road. Of course, a bike needs to have a little growl to impress your friends and let other drivers know you’re there. A motorcycle muffler doesn’t reduce sound as dramatically as an automotive muffler, but it does the job.

OEM exhausts offer a reliable balance style, sound and engine performance. However, it may be time to replace your stock system for something new. Shop for mufflers and other BMW motorcycle parts online to find the much-needed upgrade your bike deserves. Explore the performance impacts of an aftermarket exhaust to see why it’s worth a tune-up.

Does Exhaust Impact the Performance of a Bike?

There are a few performance features you can alter with a new exhaust system. The most affordable upgrades are slip-on exhausts, but you can replace the entire system if you’re looking to go big. Here are the benefits you can expect from a tune-up aftermarket system:

  • Improved horsepower
  • Reduced weight
  • Improved sound profile

An engine tune up provides more airflow into your engine, but this won’t do much good without an upgraded exhaust system. Ramp up your horsepower with a full kit of air filter, engine tune up and replacement exhaust.

Slim down your ride ride with a new exhaust system. Titanium and other metal options are lighter than traditional steel, so an aftermarket exhaust can significantly reduce the weight of this system. A lighter bike can take on a heavier load or offer improved fuel economy.

Your bike is often heard before it’s seen. If you aren’t crazy about the sound profile of your ride, swap out that OEM exhaust for something more personal. Whether you want to beef up the sound or tone it down, you’ll find a motorcycle exhaust that fits your goals. Shop online to compare the best brands and sweet styles that match your make and model of motorcycle. Create the ride of your life and keep moving forward with an affordable, efficient replacement part from a leading online store.

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