What are the top hiking trails on Maui?

The island of Maui is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, but also for its fun hiking places. Hiking is taking long walks in the countryside or the woods. For those who love hiking and getting those legs worked up, this article will feature some top hiking trails for you to consider. 

Primary Industry

Maui’s primary industry is tourism. With all the beautiful beaches, buildings, and hiking trails the area offers, tourists and locals never seem to get tired of coming back to and visiting all the wonders of Maui. Other major industry of Maui includes agriculture, manufacturing, and construction.  

Top Hiking Trails in Maui

1. Hosmer Grove Loop Trail

Location: The Haleakala National Park in Kula, Maui, has a 6-mile loop trail.

Information: The name is based on a former researcher present during the late 1800s and early 1900s named Ralph Hosmer. The Hosmer Trail travels through the remnants of a failed experimental commercial project, which earned it its nickname as the “alien forest.” To save it, Hosmer planted about 86 non-native species of trees, of which less than 20 remain today, including cedar, eucalyptus, pine, deodar, and spruce. 

Trail Views: The 6-mile trail contains abundant trees of different species that survived. A short section of native shrubland and some Hawaiian honeycreeper birds can be found on this trail. 

Amenities Available: Restrooms, parking lot, Picnic shelter and picnic tables, water refill stations, trash cans

 2. Wai’napanapa State Park

Location: a 122-acre state park in Hana, Maui, at the end of Wai’napanapa road on Hana Highway. The trail is about 3.4 km, which will take an average of 46 minutes to complete. 

Information: Wai’napanapa State Park is described as a remote, wild, volcanic coastline. Wai’napanapa means glistening waters fronting its famous black sand beach, Paola. This park is the second state park in Hawaii that requires reservations. 

Trail Views: The hike offers a scenic view of Pailoa Black Sand Beach. Lava rocks can be rough and spikey, so tourists are advised to wear their best hiking shoes.

Amenities Available: cabin rentals, picnic tables, campsites, water fountain, restrooms, trash cans

3. La Perouse Bay Trail

Location: a 4.6-mile trail

Information: The trail from La Perouse Bay is called the Hoapili Trail, the King’s Highway. There are two ways of starting the hike. First is the shoreline trail, a shorter detour leading to an ancient Hawaiian ruin. The longer version is exposed to volcanic rocks and ends at Kanaio Beach.

Trail Views: Other than the lava field in the area, a small sandy beach is a stop present on the trail. 

Amenities Available: restrooms, nursing benches, drinking water station

 4.  Twin Falls Trails

Location: a 2.9-kilometer trail near Haiku, Maui, which will take about 53 minutes to complete. 

Information: Twin Falls is the first accessible waterfall on the Hana Highway. The falls are on private land, but the owners still encourage tourists to stop. The falls are divided into two; the lower falls and the upper falls.

Trail Views: The hike is short but has several spots with cliff pools to jump off if you want to get wet. There are a variety of pools, ranging in size from small to medium. The rocks near the stream can be very slippery. 

Amenities Available: parking, toilet facilities, farm stand 

 5. Kuala Point Trail

Location: a half-mile loop that goes counterclockwise from the Kipahulu Visitor Center. 

Information: A hike that leads to the famous Seven Sacred Pools, also known as the Kipahulu Haleakala Coast Waterfalls. 

Trail Views: The trail first starts with a demonstration area that shows a thatched house, ancient walls, native Hawaiian cultural items, and other relics. Then, the trail continues downhill towards beautiful oceans and a small hill with remarkable views of the Hana coast.

Amenities Available: Overnight Facilities

6. Iao Valley State park


Location: a 0.6-mile trail in Central Maui, West of Wailuku

Information: Iao Valley is historically noteworthy as the site of the Battle of Kepaniwai. This battle allowed the islands of Hawaii to be united. 

Trail Views: Iao Valley State Park is a 4,000-acre park home to the Iao Needle landmark (a green mantled rock overlooking the Iao stream).

Amenities Available: parking lot, picnic spots, walking and biking trails

 7. Waikamoi Ridge Trail

Location: a 1.4-km trail near Haiku, Maui, which will take 30 minutes to complete.

Information: Tourists can choose between two types of trails: short loop trails and long loop trails. Not much might be seen on the short loop, but an old-growth forest can be viewed with the long loop.  

Trail Views: The trail is a short nature walk of trees, bamboo, and ferns, leading to an old-growth forest.

Amenities Available: picnic area

Famous Buildings in Mau

In addition you can certainly be active in other ways by checking out some of the famous buildings on the Island.  Many offer walking tour and a beautiful area to explore.

1. Hale Ho’ike’ike

A museum that highlights extensive collection of pre-western contact Hawaiian artifacts located specifically in Wailuku owned by Maui Historical Society

2. Baldwin Home Museum

Considered as the oldest house standing on the island. It gives a rich cultural insight that sits in the of Lahaina. 

3. Masters Reading Room

Also a museum that was built in the 1830s which houses a gallery, village gifts, and fine arts in the present. 

4. Maria Lanakila Catholic Church

Found in Lanaihila, the church falls under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Honolulu and its bishop It is a parish of the Roman Catholic Church of Hawaii un the United States.

5. Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum

Located in the small sugarcane growing and milling community of Pu’unene Hawaii. It exhibits the history of Hawaiian sugarcane plantations and the role of Alexander and Baldwin in the sugarcane industry in Hawaii. 

6. Pioneer Mill Smokestack

Was once the tallest structure in the state used by fishermen and sailors to identify the island Lahaina. 

7. Maui Ocean Center

An aquarium and oceanography center in Maalaea, opened in 1998, is named as one of the best aquariums in the world. 

8. Maui Arts & Cultural Center

A facility where popular and innovative performing artists can be seen and witnessed. It is a large performing arts facility with indoor and outdoor stages combine with an art gallery and dance studios. 

The Benefits of Hiking 

1. A secret way of losing weight

Losing weight is one thing with which people struggle a lot. People might find strategies for exercising and losing weight too difficult, unmotivating, and tedious. Hiking might look like an activity that can only be done on specific schedules with friends and wastes time. But there is more to hiking; if it is done almost regularly, it is a good and healthy, calorie-burning activity. 

2. It gets you close to nature

Hiking is also a good way to have a good connection with nature. It is an excellent way to ponder the beauty of the world. There are many beautiful sights along the way when hiking, including beautiful plants, flowers, and tall trees. You might even discover a beautiful rainforest or waterfalls if you’re lucky. 

3. A memorable experience

It is said that there is always a first time for everything. Even long-time hikers will always have a new experience and story to tell every time they hike. 

4. A way of clearing the mind

Hiking is a good escape for clearing your mind after a stressful week. It is a rewarding activity that helps you refresh your mind from the things you want to forget for a little while. 

5. Good for the heart and lowers blood pressure

Hiking not only results in a beautiful physical body but is also helpful in giving your heart exercise. Hiking boosts your cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

6. Improve Leg muscles

Aside from jogging, hiking is another way of improving leg muscles. Since most hiking places go up or down, the legs are stretched, giving more support to the upper body. 

7. Helps you meet new friends

It turns out that hiking is popular among young and older people. It is an excellent way to get to know other people who might become your hiking buddies.  

Final Thoughts

Hiking is another way to enjoy Hawaii besides swimming and other beach activities. The island  offers a lot of hiking trails that will make your stay a lot more enjoyable. One of the towns that features beautiful and exciting hiking trails is Maui.