What are the most amazing castles to visit in the United States?

While fairytale castles are more commonly associated with Medieval Europe, the United States is home to a number of exquisite chateaux, estates, and palaces; you only need to know where to look. We have compiled a list of the most stunning castles in America for your next vacation. Also, here is an updated list of the best online casino australia in 2022.

1. Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle

This Rhineland-style castle is located on a tiny island in the Thousand Islands region of Upstate New York, which was formerly a playground for the wealthy and famous. In 1900, hotel mogul George C. Boldt began construction of a summer residence for himself and his loving wife, Louise. Sadly, Louise passed away months prior to the completion of Boldt Castle, and a saddened George immediately ceased building. For more than seventy years, the castle was abandoned and exposed to the elements until the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority acquired it and restored it to its current splendor. The island estate features a castle with 120 rooms, a drawbridge, and the lovely Alster Tower.

2. Thornwood Castle

Thornewood Castle, located on the shores of American Lake in Lakewood, Washington, dates back considerably further than the early 20th century. After purchasing a 400-year-old English manor, Chester Thorne, a renowned local banker and businessman, had it painstakingly deconstructed, relocated, and recreated with the assistance of architect Kirtland Kelland Cutter. Thornewood Castle, now an inn, provides visitors with access to the estate’s own dock and lakeside beach as well as the Olmsted Brothers’ sons, Frederick Law Olmsted’s, exquisite subterranean “hidden garden.”

3. Hammond Castle

The American inventor John Hays Hammond Jr. constructed the exquisite Hammond Castle between 1926 and 1929 to serve as his house and laboratory. He was inspired by his childhood in England, where he fell in love with the region’s castles. The castle, built from a combination of native stone and Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance artifacts collected by Hammond during his travels through Europe, overlooks the picturesque Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts and is now a museum. Today, you may tour its enchanted rooms, including the inner courtyard constructed in part from Medieval shops that Hammond discovered in France and transported back to the United States.

4. Hearst Castle

This National Landmark was constructed over the course of decades by media mogul William Randolph Hearst and architect Julia Morga. La Cuesta Encantada (“Enchanted Hill”), Hearst’s sprawling getaway, was constructed on his family’s immense ranchland. On the Pacific coast, approximately midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Hearst Castle is a favorite destination for road trippers. The 165-room mansion, 123 acres of gardens with exotic flowers, elaborate pools, and Hearst’s famed art collection are all accessible to visitors.

5. Grey Towers Castle

Grey Towers Castle

This massive, 40-room, late-19th-century castle was constructed with limestone and Greystone to imitate the famed Alnwick Castle in England. It is located just outside of Philadelphia. The structure was the residence of sugar tycoon William Welsh Harrison and features a ballroom and dining room with an ornate appearance. It is currently a component of the Arcadia University campus and serves as an administrative office and venue for college events. Meanwhile, check out the best usa casinos online for this year here.

6. Gillette Castle

Gillette Castle

William Gillette, an actor, dramatist, and director, constructed this castle overlooking the Connecticut River as his private property in 1919. The castle was designed to resemble Medieval ruins and features thousands of handcrafted details, including 47 unique doors (no two within the structure are identical), light switches carved from wood, built-in couches, and, perhaps most peculiarly, a series of hidden mirrors that allowed Gillette to spy on guests from the master bedroom. After his death in 1943, the state of Connecticut acquired the land and transformed it into a state park.

7. Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace

The only royal palace in America, ‘Iolani Palace’ was formerly the residence of King Kalakaua and his sister, Queen Liliuokalani. It was constructed by King Kalakaua in 1882 in what is now downtown Honolulu. In 1845, King Kamehameha III made this site his official house, but the site’s history is obscured by the fact that it was possibly formerly an ancient center of worship. The grounds of the palace also include the tombs of various Hawaiian rulers and other notable individuals. It is one of the most magnificent castles in America, and highly recommended when making plans for a group trip.

8. Castle in the Clouds

Moultonborough, New Hampshire is the site of the magnificent castle “Lucknow,” formerly the residence of Thomas and Olive Plant. The “Castle in the Clouds” is perched atop the Ossipee Mountains. Thomas Plant was a shoe manufacturer who became a billionaire in 1910 at the age of 51. In 1913, he married and began developing his estate, which grew to 6,300 acres over time. The architectural style of Lucknow is known as Arts & Crafts. It is one of the top castles to visit in the United States due to its historical significance and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

9. Bishop’s Castle

Jim Bishop had no idea he would end up constructing a castle when he began building a vacation cottage in 1969 on a 2.5-acre tract of woodland land he had acquired at the age of 15 with the purpose of constructing a summer home. With the assistance of his father, Willard, the two gathered surrounding boulders and, without a single design, started out to construct an enormous stone cottage. By 1995, the gigantic construction reached a height of 165 feet, roughly the height of a 16-story building. Today, the stone castle attracts awestruck visitors from around the globe. There is evidence of Bishop’s ingenuity throughout the property. After all, how many castles have a dragon fashioned of reused stainless steel warming plates hovering 80 feet in the air? Despite a number of setbacks, including a cancer diagnosis several years ago, Bishop, who is now in his 70s, continues to greet visitors to Bishop Castle who wish to explore its stained-glass ballroom and climb the castle’s spiral staircase to reach the top of a turret that offers panoramic views in all directions from above the tree line.

10. Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle, perched atop New York City’s Vista Rock, offers panoramic views of Central Park and its surrounding cityscape, including the Great Lawn to the north and the Ramble to the south. Appropriately, “belvedere” in Italian means “beautiful view,” and this castle delivers that and more. Belvedere Castle was constructed over the course of two years, from 1867 to 1869, without doors or windows, as it was originally meant as a lookout platform. While the outdoor pavilion is a popular vantage point, the best views from the castle are found on the terrace, which may be reached by ascending a steep stone staircase. In addition to its breathtaking vistas, the castle offers essential information: The National Weather Service has gathered meteorological data such as temperature, wind, and precipitation from the castle since 1919.