What Are Some Medicines I Should Have When I travel?

When traveling, it seems like we always forget something, don’t we? I for one am notoriously bad at remembering to pack very obvious things, having gone on an extended trip without underwear more than once. We get harried, because it’s hard to decide exactly when we should pack. Some people are fastidious, packing a week or two in advance, and they tend to forget immediate things like toiletries, medicines or whatnot, where those last-minute Packers like myself tend to forget more obvious things like enough change of clothes.

It seems like only professional travelers really know how to do it right, but nobody can really agree on what some must-have medicines are. If you’re planning to travel soon, you should order medicines online at a discount, and make sure that everything you need is ready to go! Today, were going to look at some very obvious, but often-overlooked medicines you should have one traveling.

Pain medication!

Even if you aren’t prone to various pain such as joint pain, headaches, sore muscles or whatnot, traveling is stressful. You are bound to encounter a stress headache, or some soreness and stiffness from being in a car, plane, on a boat, on a train, what have you. So, you should have, at the very least, something like aspirin or naproxen, as well as a muscle cream with a heating aspect, like icy hot or BenGay.

Allergy meds are a lifesaver!

You should absolutely carry a non-drowsy antihistamine and/or an anti-inflammatory. Even if you are prone to allergies normally, if you are traveling very far, you can be subjected to a pollen, pollutant or any host of other things that your body isn’t used to. Even if you are in a particularly allergy-prone person, your body is likely to react unpleasantly!

Gastric medications are something everyone should carry!

When traveling, your dietary habits are going to be disrupted one way or another. Either you aren’t eating is healthily in a well as you normally would, or you are experiencing cuisine that you aren’t used to, cooked with ingredients you aren’t used to. On top of the stress of travel, this can result in gastric stress, so you should carry something that can provide instant relief. This can be calcium bicarbonate like Alka-Seltzer, or a simple chewable.

For those more prone to severe gastric problems, you may want something more long-term, for which there are great many choices out there.

How do I save money on these medications?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money on your medications, with a prescription or simple over-the-counter things are travel.

The best way to order medicines online at a discount is to go through a Canadian online pharmacy, where as an American especially, you can save a tremendous amount. These conscientious pharmacies also provide a great interface through which they can recommend generic alternatives to brand names, saving you a lot more.

If you follow this checklist, you’ll have the basics that everyone should travel with, and if you go through an online pharmacy, you can have plenty of supply of these critical medications at a price that will even further reduce the stress in the long run.