Wanderlusts Essentials

It is man’s nature to wander, explore, and see the world. Travelling is one of the many ways for us to break free from stress and boredom in our day-to-day lives. Many of us plan our travels months before that.

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Reasons why people love traveling:

1. To gain knowledge

In general, to know about other cultures and to see- to experience the beauty of the country or the place is one of the main factors why we travel. We want to learn what they eat, how they treat their guests, and what sceneries do they have which is unique to the kind of place we are living.

2. Better atmospheric condition

Some of us travel for better weather conditions. It may be too hot in your area or too cold and you wanted to enjoy the opposite. If it is winter in your place, you might want to visit a place or country which offers sun and sand. If it is too warm in your area, you might want to go to the mountains and enjoy the coolness of the air. Others wanted an experience. People who live in the tropics might want to see cherry blossoms in spring or white Christmas in the winter.

3. Stronger bond between families and friends

A second or third honeymoon between you and your partner or a family getaway will surely strengthen a family tie. Bonding with friends is also a great thing because you’ll be able to discover them more and build beautiful memories.

4. Escape and adventure

All of us longed to break free from the monotony of life. A cutthroat and demanding job, same old, same old kind of life day in and day out, maybe a bad break up or just simply tired. Lounging on the beach and enjoying the sunshine while having a cool lemonade can surely make you forget the person who broke your heart.

5. To find yourself

May it be with the company of family or friends or just by yourself, it is a great opportunity to find yourself to be whole again. To have the freedom to be you and not what others expect you to become.

Top on the list gears they should bring when backpacking

In backpacking travel, it is a must that we learn to be minimalist. It means that one should pack only the essentials.

A sturdy backpack

We have to remember that we are having an adventure and it involves some physical activities such as hiking or maybe trekking. A good backpack with lots of pockets for your water bottle or chocolate bar will be suitable.

Basic, light, and ready to wear clothes

Bring light clothes and on-the-go kind of clothes. More on T-shirts, some undergarments, a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, a pair of pajamas, some socks, a light, a bath towel and swimwear (just in case). A cotton and rain jacket is also important.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are important in traveling to organize the things that you will bring for your travel like toiletries, undergarments, socks, towelettes, and many others. Packing cubes are light and allow room in your backpack.

A good pair of hiking shoes or sandals, a sun hat, and sunglasses

Although some travelers prefer to roam around by car, it cannot be helped that it sometimes involves walking around to get to know the place, their food, the shops, and souvenirs. These three are important to make your vacation more fun and fulfilling.

Final Insight

Travelling rejuvenates the mind and spirit. It is our gifts to ourselves and to our loved ones for us to be closer to them and to build a solid relationship. It is alright to celebrate life!