UAE Real Estate Market Overview 2022

Are you wondering why recently investing in the UAE has been the focal topic? There are numerous reasons for the trend. However, the primary reason is earning that coin! UAE offers sustainable policies to help businesses grow. Today, we will learn about the intrinsic property estate values in the UAE and its future prospects.

Let us start by talking about the villas and townhouses present in the UAE. Demand for their purchase continues to increase because of the stable environment. Real estate software development in UAE concludes the country offers a higher per capita income due to its vast oil and gas reserves. Therefore, it attracts international investors who wish to associate themselves with a growing economy. Investing in real estate preserves wealth, regardless if the transaction is against domestic or religious properties.

The expectations vs. projections

The sales of villas increased by 20% in the previous, despite the ongoing pandemic. In September alone, 22 transactions were valued at over AED 30 million. Though the number of apartments sold more, it does not match the thirst for villas in the UAE.

2022 signals more than ever growth in the UAE property sector. The home industry is finally stabilizing, signaling growth and inbound investment for families who wish to reside in the warm weather. However, an increase in earnings has also led to the effect. Due to the recent employment increments, more salaried individuals consider purchasing properties as investments.

The demand for homes has also shifted upward since the pandemic. 2020 saw everything closing down, halting the construction logistics. Now, everything is returning to its schedule. For the previous two years, there were uneven developments and renovations. The isolation and delay in logistics are mostly blamed for the occurrences. As of now, the individual wishes to purchase a ready and furnished property as pandemic has taught how valuable time actually is!

How to earn through real estate in the UAE?

Following are a few reasons foreign and local investors are eager to purchase villas, houses, and buildings in the UAE:

  • The national climate is very relaxed for businesses to expand and flourish. No taxes are payable on income or profits generated through the sale. Resultantly, a significant chunk of the profit goes to the investor who invests it back into the economy.
  • The UAE government is also responsible for attracting international investors and new entrepreneurs to plant fields. Foreign investors use the UAE golden visa program. Under this scheme, the foreigners experience the same transactional benefits as UAE residents. Thus, they contribute to the economy just as much as a native.

Property sector 2022-2023 forecasts in the UAE

The construction industry is on the right track for the next two years with booming growth. We expect the growth at 4.6% percent until the present year concludes. However, the growth rate for the next year is 2.5%, factoring in inflation and potential worldwide political instabilities.

When we attempt to assess the property prices for the previous years, they had dropped to one-third of the profit today. 2014 to 2020 saw an unlikely turn of events where the real estate graph continuously fell downward. Fortunately, the present parameters have pushed the chart in the right direction with 6 to 20% price appreciation.

We can safely conclude:

  • Individuals are primarily investing in properties in the UAE for business purposes. They aim to grow their business from the Gulf Strip because of its independent resources to provide to its people.
  • The houses prices have increased up to 120%, compared to the loan crisis in the UAE in 2010.
  • The annual supply of livable structures is at an all-time high, with at least 35,000 units in demand. The number is expected to grow to 53,000 by the 2022 calendar end.
  • The delayed construction projects due to the pandemic are also expected to be completed in 2022-2023. They are put to use for growing the construction industry in the UAE.

Why do newer trends dominate investing in townhouses and villas?

UAE building structures prioritize privacy more than any other feature. Most of these properties are available in the Arabian Ranches and DAMAC Hills, offering luxurious swimming pools, parking, and schools.

The strategic location of the villas puts them less than 40 minutes away from the Emirati commercial center and airport. The drive is bump-free with a relaxed environment. These localities are far away from the busy parts that sometimes become too crowded and noisy.

Investment through mortgage

If you decide to enter a mortgage agreement, you need to consult the trusted Mortgage Company Charlotte NC to guide you right from the onset until the sealing of the mortgage deal with a bank or other creditor. Meanwhile, UAE financial institutions welcome foreigners as their clients. They are also eligible to receive loans if they undergo the following procedure correctly:

  • The foreigner must be stable financially to pay back the loan. The loan will require a guarantee or collateral to move forward
  • The foreigner must apply for a resident visa
  • The investor or foreigner must provide a source of income or company registration
  • A bank statement for the previous six months
  • Audit report in case the client is an investor
  • The client must maintain a minimum balance of $950 in their UAE bank account.
  • The installations remain at half of the income.


Though there are no taxes, the foreign investor will regularly pay for security, cleaning, and repairing. These heads of accounts include water tank cleaning, gardener, and pool cleaning. However, the inhabitants pay the utility expenses according to monthly meter readings.

How to use property in the UAE?

It is desirable to even imagine owning a property in the UAE. However, to ensure the sale goes smoothly, consider purchasing in the most-requested areas for a higher return on investment. The year 2022 is seeing immense investment in villas surrounded by schools, hospitals, malls, and entertainment centers.

Furthermore, generational living in apartments in the UAE have also shifted to purchasing comfortable houses by the shore. Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in real estate, contact representatives in the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina for a successful outcome.

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