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Travelling abroad in the future? How to save money

Travelling abroad

Let’s be honest, it’s going to be a while before any of us can seriously start to think about travelling abroad unless we travel frequently for business and it’s a necessary part of our jobs. But we’ve chosen to be pragmatic and positive about the situation. After all, it gives you that much more time to start saving for that dream vacation when the world finally gets back to normal.

But many of us are not naturally frugal and might be tempted during this lockdown period to treat ourselves as a means of keeping ourselves happy. But think long-term here. Because having an incredible holiday to look forward to might just be the best way to keep yourselves sane during these troubling times.

Start saving now

Those who fail to fail to prepare should prepare to fail. It’s an old adage perhaps, but it’s one that still holds a fair amount of weight, particularly when it comes to saving money. Set aside a bespoke holiday savings account and add a little to it each week, topping it up as you go when you have the odd spare quid and you’ll be surprised how quickly it all starts adding up.

Of course, as we’re all currently living through lockdown, when very few social places are open and what we are allowed to do with our friends and families is heavily restricted, it might be a little simpler to make some cutbacks. But don’t be tempted by luxury goods and items.

Get some side hustle

Saving money for travel is a common pastime amongst most millennials. Another common pastime? Side hustle. This can be either a second job or a hobby that you start monetising in order to bring in some extra cash. The rub is that you take all of this extra cash and squirrel it away into your completely untouchable holiday fund!

 Take the train to the airport

Driving to the airport is problematic for several reasons. For one thing, it can be incredibly stressful and then there’s the fact that you’ll have to pay an exorbitant fee to park your car for a week or so. Taking a taxi is also often too expensive to consider unless you live incredibly close to the airport.

The train offers the perfect middle ground, particularly if you are travelling to Gatwick Airport, which boasts some of the best train links in the country. If you fly regularly want to save even more money, meanwhile, carnet tickets are great value for money as they are sold in books of 10 and effectively give you 10 journeys for the price of 8.

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