Top Travel Spots in Western Europe

People who live outside Europe, especially its Western part, often underestimate the picturesque landscapes and stunning historical heritage they can find here. Of course, such a trip can hardly be considered budget-friendly since it involves a long list of different expenses. However, many places are worth all the effort on your part, so if you study in college and plan your winter or spring break, pay attention to Western Europe and start saving the required sum beforehand. It will not be a big deal to find a well-paid job within the comfort of your dorm room. You can get academic essay writing help to free up your schedule and devote time to freelance side hustles. We’ve collected a list of the top-notch travel spots that may appeal to you with their breathtaking views, Pinterest-worthy places, and incredible atmosphere.


Everyone should visit this luxury and incredible country at least once in a lifetime. It is not for nothing that many movie characters escape here for the sake of inspiration, romance, and delicious food. You know the latter is already a great reason to buy an air ticket and book a hotel somewhere in Paris, the city of love. The list of attractions is so impressive that you should allocate at least a week to immerse yourself in its atmosphere. Every corner here is saturated with history, positive vibes, and the smell of croissants.

However, if you are on a diet, it is better to go to Mont Blanc, which represents the country’s largest natural landscape. You can come across this region on the list of the most popular hikes globally thanks to the highest mountain in the Alps, Tour Du Mont Blanc. Those who want to arrange a road trip should go to Normandy since its remote villages and picturesque rural areas are created specifically for such an experience.


If your perfect vacation takes place on a beach, and you don’t mind siestas and dazzling cities, then Spain can become a perfect summer destination. Barcelona is rightfully considered the most popular city in the whole country, making even the capital take a back seat. It is located in the North and represents an independent Catalan region that can boast stunning beaches, amazing architecture, and many cozy places where you can chill after a sightseeing tour. However, if you are more of an island soul, then it is worth going to Tenerife that can please you with natural attractions, incredible hiking routes, and Instagram-worthy black sand beaches.


Many people who plan their vacation on a budget start exploring Western Europe with this beautiful country, and it is definitely worth a separate place on the list of must-visit spots. You can hardly find a person who doesn’t like Lisbon with its unusual ancient tiles, positive vibes, picturesque coastline, delicious food, and cozy rooftop places. We’ll not list all the attractions you can find there since it will be quite long. Besides, you can always combine visiting this city with checking out some other popular destinations like Porto. It will become a win-win option for people who enjoy good wine and like bridges. If you want to see a completely different Portugal, it is worth opting for Madeira, one of the most beautiful islands. It will please you with authentic traditional culture, gorgeous volcanic beaches, epic lookouts, and stunning hiking routes.


This region involves a wide range of countries, but there is no sense to talk about each country since if you find yourself in this part of Europe, you should allocate enough time to visit at least half of them. Scandinavia represents a separate picturesque region that can boast incredible landscapes, so if you like hiking and spending time in nature, you will fall in love with it. Of course, you may start your travel with such popular gateways as Amsterdam to take a few pics of beautiful canals, ride a bicycle around the city and immerse yourself in a completely different atmosphere. If you still have something to spend in your pocket, you can visit the most expensive part of Western Europe, including Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Gothenburg. However, it is worth paying special attention to Norwegian Fjords that represent the most epic and dramatic hiking destination.


If you want to plunge into a more relaxing and lazier atmosphere, you should delight yourself with this Mediterranean island. Protaras can become a wonderful travel destination since it combines stunning beaches, delicious cuisine (influenced by Greek culture for the most part), and an incredible park that can provide you with lovely walking trails and scenic cliff top views. You should come here if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the megapolis, get closer to nature and do self-searching.


Talking about top travel destinations in Western Europe, one cannot but mention Germany. It will not please you with coast views or delicious cuisine like other countries mentioned on the list, but you will still fall in love with it. Berlin is considered the coolest capital in Europe, thanks to special youth vibes and many great places to pop in. However, if you find yourself in this country, it is worth visiting another germ, Munich. If you like crowds and festivals, come here in October to participate in the world-known Oktoberfest. Nonetheless, this city can offer you a big list of attractions around the year so that you can come here in any season.