Top Tips For Car Rental In Curacao

Top Tips For Car Rental In Curacao

If you’re around Curacao, you will experience numerous challenges. For instance, taxis are costly, as well as roads are different from the ones you are used to. Renting a car will be a great option to help you move freely from one point to another. You can even hire a driver for your rented car to help you have a smooth ride to any destination you want. But you can also decide to drive yourself if you learn the routes well.

Check out some car rental tips and driving ideas in Curacao

1. Don’t take taxis, rent a car

Simply rent a car and drive with ease in Curacao. Its inexpensive and you’ll get the chance to drive around islands. But if you decide to go for a taxi, you’ll have to dig dip into your pocket. Just a trip using a taxi the airport to Coral Estate can cost you an arm and a leg, compared to when you rent a car. For instance, you may pay $40, in addition to luggage expenses on top. But when using a rented car, you may pay $30 in a day while enjoying access to the island. Some people prefer renting larger vehicles like jeeps, but majority of rental vehicles are tiny to fit the narrow infrastructures.

Also, small cars use less gasoline, which minimizes your travel costs. If you are travelling to Curacao via the air, you will land on numerous car rental booths when you arrive at the airport. You can search on the internet and rent a car upfront. Or, you can also rent from local companies like Europcar Curacao to deliver the car straight to the airport, which they’ll pick you up when you fly back home.

2. State of the roads

Most European streets have narrow roads with twists, turns, and rolling hills. This is why you’ll see Curacao drivers giving way for someone crossing the streets near them. They usually stop to allow pedestrians cross no matter the area. To them, it doesn’t have to be a designated area before they can allow you to cross. But what you should know is that their driving is relatively aggressive and at the same time they are friendly on the roads. Meaning their speed limits are quite low.

With roundabouts, traffic is smooth but learn how to meander around them before departing. In Curacao, you will rarely see a turn signal traffic circle commonness, as well as the usual flow they have. On the other hand, yield signs govern roundabouts and intersections. However, you’ll meet some unregulated huge intersections that can confuse you. Following your route keenly will help you control some new happenings on the road.

3. Map reading

If you are looking for information, do not depend on tourist maps presented by rental car companies. Many of those magazines do not have in-depth details regarding car renting. You won’t see street names labeled on such magazines. Although the streets have numerous twists and turns, there are known streets you can simply use common sense to get there, and find your destination. It will be easier since you’ll be on an island. Most rental cars offer free GPS, or use it on your mobile device. There is, however, a big map with details that Curacao Roadmap offers, which is stored on your device. The map is stored locally on your device, and doesn’t use a mobile data network coverage that is costly.

4. Parking

When using a rental car, remove all your valuables when parking. In short, do not leave anything inside the car. The island has a packing, which is payable, however, there are also free areas. For instance, when you reach Willemstad, a Renaissance space garage will be your parking area. The parking lot will have a guard at the Rif Fort, who will direct you to take the first left heading to the free parking garage.

5. Fuel

Most gas stations in Curacao have friendly staff just ready to fuel your car You can pay something like US$ 3.25 per gallon on the lowest side. You can pay at a gas station in advance mentioning the amount you’d like to spend and the pump number.

Most gas stations in Curacao have friendly staff just ready to fuel your car. The above-tips should direct you when renting a car in Curacao. If you understand Curacao roads better, you’ll have a smooth ride during your trip. You should know when to slow down, especially during rains, and when to speed a bit. When going for rental cars, for instance, Europcar Curacao offers inexpensive cars, but also high-tech cars if you need one.

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