Tips to Enjoy a Nice Time at Jaco Beach Resort

We all know the fun and pleasure we get at the beach. Basking under the sun and playing volleyball with your friends and loved ones. Taking a swim with your partner and relatives. These moments are memorable and make for a swell time outdoors.

If you feel disappointed about how your summer will pan out this year, I have great news. However, with the pandemic, beach life has been on hold. This isn’t the news we want to hear, especially as we are looking forward to outdoor life.

Businesses are now trying to adjust during this time. And lots of beach resorts are now opening. However, do you think it is still dangerous? If you’re like me, who takes her safety seriously, you will know it is still dangerous out there. It is why you have to note these helpful tips when heading to Jaco Beach Resort this year or any other time.

Before Going to a Beach Resort

The tips below are to ensure you stay safe while having fun at the sand this summer. No one wants to have to worry about added problems while having fun and relaxing at the beach. Below are helpful tips to enhance your safety while at your location:

Check the Resort’s Website

Most beach resorts are particular about promoting their services on their website. On their website, they encourage their amenities, events, and other facilities. Still, these websites can give you a hint of what to expect.

Let’s say you notice staff enforcing protocols on their website. This tells you that they ensure people follow social distancing. You can also check the facilities on the website. See if the resort has facilities structured for safety measures. These might include a quarantine tent or an emergency room.

Plan Your Stay

Planning your stay shouldn’t just be how long your stay would be. It should also involve the location of your accommodation. Lots of beach resorts in Costa Rica have reserved lodges where customers can pass the night in.

If you plan to stay in accommodation for more than a night, choose a room that not only piques your fancy but is safe as well. To be safe, just make sure the neighboring room is a couple of feet away. You can check this page for tips on choosing suitable travel accommodation.

Also, make sure the hotel staff regularly clean the rooms, hallways, elevators, and lobbies. Lots of people make use of these areas. So, keeping these places clean will ensure the spread of the virus and other infections are prevented.

The length of your stay entirely depends on you. Just make sure to protect yourself at all times. I strongly advise lodging for less than a week. This is because you get less exposed to people, meaning fewer chances of contracting any virus.

How to Find the Best Resort for Your Comfort?

How to Find the Best Resort for Your Comfort


Jaco, Costa Rica is renowned for having black sand beaches and fun filled resorts. These beaches are unique and remarkable, and surfers enjoy surfing on them.

There are lots of beach resorts here that are open. So, if you require a fun time in black sand, you have to keep in mind a few things. Here are a few things to look out for:


Make sure to check their facilities. Some can offer up some excellent amenities. These can include a few facilities for leisure activities. So, consider a resort that offers exceptional amenities if you require one. You can find some fun things here that are ideal for the family when hanging out at the beach.


See to it that you find a resort that offers reasonable prices. But still, you have to keep in mind that there are not always cheap. Nonetheless, you can find one that is well within your budget range.

You can visit the lodge’s website. This might excite you about the lodge. You can even go further and check their reviews. The reviews will tell you what past clients think of the resort in particular.

What if you’re working with a tight budget? Well, you do the same thing. You visit the website to read reviews. Choose the suite that best suits your taste. It should fit well within your price range too. You can find lots of resorts, and check their prices. Go online to do this.

Take Away

A resort that will give comfort as well as safety should be your topmost priority. Use the tips above to find such a resort.