Tips for playing laser tag in Melbourne

People of all ages, ranging from children to adults like playing shooting games, where they have to hit an object. Hence airsoft and paintball are some of the most popular games at entertainment venues, However these games are messy and also require protective gear, since the pellets may cause hurt. To overcome these problems the game of laser tag was developed a few decades ago, which uses lasers and sensors for the same effect, without causing any pain. More information is provided for individuals and groups who are planning to play laser tag in Melbourne CBD.


While playing laser tag, each member of the group is equipped with a laser gun which he is using to attack his opponent. The opponent is wearing gear with sensors, and the gun will also have sensors. The player will try to hit the opponent with the laser gun, and the sensors will record each hit. The laser tag players are wearing a vest with LEDs so that they can be easily identified. There are neutral warbots which are also part of the game, which will neutralize the player if he is very slow while playing the game. Smoke is also generated to create a realistic book.


The arenas where the laser tag is played, are designed by international suppliers who are involved in the design of arenas worldwide. To maximize the visual effects, the walls are painted black in color, and covered with fluorescent decals which glow in the dark. The owners of the arena try to recreate an imaginary scene of urban warfare using special effects, arena design and other options available. The arenas are similar to battlegrounds in industrial areas, with obstacles related to the theme, and other features of the interior design incorporated to make it look realistic.



For the game of laser tag, each player aims to destroy the competition, scoring the maximum number of points. Every time the player will hit the opponent on the sensor, he will win a point, so the focus is on aiming and shooting accurately. The game is like a sporting competition and each time will try to maximize the number of points which are scored. This makes it ideal for corporates who are interested in team building activities for their teams which are affordable and safe. Though individuals with no experience can play the game, trained players will have a better score.


Each game is usually of duration fifteen minutes. The pricing depends on the number of activities booked and the timings. During off peak hours at the entertainment complex, which are till 4 pm from Monday to Friday, the rates are lower. Similarly, customers who book multiple activities have to pay less for the laser tag game. Players who enjoy playing the game of laser tag, and wish to play it regularly, can become a member of the entertainment complex. Detailed records of the scores of members are retained for reference. Playing the game regularly, will help improve the game, tactics used, greatly increasing the chances of success.