Three European Cities You may Never want to leave


When you travel around Europe, you may find yourself captured by the dark beauty of a city such as Prague, or awed by the grandeur of another one like Budapest. However, a city hat you may never want to leave has to offer more than just a visual spectacle. You need to find yourself in an international environment that is efficient and where you can play as hard as you work. Here are three cities that fit these qualities.


It is not hard to choose Berlin first. Germany is the heart of Europe’s economy. It facilitates entry into the labour force for anyone that wants to work, and helps entrepreneurs create their project, whatever they may be. Germany wants to be on top, and to be in that spot, it creates laws that enables the country to get there. These are qualities that everyone will look for, when they think about living in another country. If that is your case and you would like to move to Berlin, check out these professional removals services to Germany.

But Berlin is also different than the rest of Germany, in many ways. First of all, it is a city filled with youth. It makes it a very dynamic one. Furthermore, the prices are adapted to their budget, which makes Berlin an extremely cheap city to live in. You won’t have any problems finding entertainment in this location. In fact, you can go out just about any evening and meet new friendly people in bars and cafés. If you are looking for an efficient city that speaks many languages (including English), choose Berlin for your next life destination.


Berlin may be the perfect city in many ways, but it does have one disadvantage: its weather. If you don’t like the cold, you will be very depressed when winter time comes. There is another solution, though, that will bring you the same international flavour, in a much warmer climate, and that is the city of Barcelona in Spain. You will be welcomed in this city, as long as you pull your own weight. Also, it is better if you are not from another Spanish city. Catalans are a bit particular when it comes to how they feel about their own country. This said, living in Barcelona will make you feel as if you settled down in Los Angeles. There is that same warmth and freedom in the air.


Finally, Milan is the most European city in Italy. It means that it is the only one that can really be considered efficient, in this country. Rome is beautiful, but the chaos that you will find there may end-up breaking your spirit, sooner than later. Also, the bureaucracy in Italy will make you want to head back to the UK on the next plane, whenever you will have a problem. This said, living in Milan certainly brings you the best of both worlds: The beauty of Italian life, with the efficiency of European capital cities (although Milan is not the capital of Italy, but its financial heart).

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