The Best Solo Travel Destinations


Backpacking solo for the very first time can be a rather intimidating experience! What will the journey entail? How do I gear up for this? There are probably loads of questions hitting your mind right now. One of the crucial ones to answer though is what are the best destinations for solo traveling? For those seeking an exciting solo adventure in the United States, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco are all great destinations to start with. If you’re inexperienced you don’t want to begin in the middle of the Egyptian desert – you’d rather prefer something less extreme, to help you transition into traveling alone on a consistent basis.

To ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed than you already are, we’ve compiled a list of the best solo travel destination. Whether you’d spend time exploring the various cuisines a city has to offer or relaxing by the beach, here are the best spots to discover alone.

1. Tanzania


Travel to this city to get to know the locals while being away from the confines of the internet or a bustling town. Its safari tour is one of the best in the world, offering solo travelers a chance to engage with like-minded people. At nights you can sleep in tents and have other participants as your source of entertainment. The anticipation and excitement of the Safari is a great way to unwind, enjoy what nature has to offer, and get to know zebras, lions, etc. upfront.

2. Australia


There’s no doubt that Australia is one of the best destinations for solo travelers. The travel industry is huge, they speak fluent English and every city has a warm spot for backpackers. Whether you decide to sort out a Cruise package deal or wing it out whilst you’re there, setting aside a budget and having an itinerary is an obvious requirement. If you’re eligible for a working holiday visa you can also take the OzIntro package where your accommodation, pick up and travel, as well as SIM card and bank account is all sorted. It’s not the ideal package for everyone but if you’re looking to kickstart your adventure with a bang it’s something you may want to consider.

3. Thailand


If you want a bit of a cultural shift, then Thailand makes for a perfect destination. It’s in the heart of South East Asia and it’s a backpacking gem – there’s a lot of hostels to stay in, varieties of meals to savor, and an abundance of cities to explore. On top of that, booking activity is as easy as speaking to the receptionist of your hostel or guest house. Besides all that, Thailand is easy on the budget, so if you decide to go on a retreat you won’t end up draining your finances. It might not come up in many solo travel destinations’ lists but Thailand is way easier to do than what most backpackers think.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand

Another rewarding and super easy place is New Zealand. The destination has white sands, snowy mountains, Mauri magic, friendly people, and more. It’s also quite secure and easy to navigate, with shorter distances than what you’ll find in its neighborhood Australia. And with chic hostels, outdoors’ ethos and some of the most creative baristas worldwide, the country has something to offer to everyone. Visit both the South and North Islands to enjoy a special feel. Require downtime? An exquisite Island is just half an hour away from NZ and offers delicious wines and treats.

5. Switzerland


If you’ve set aside a decent budget for traveling alone, go to Switzerland! It’s a place where locals are concerned with their own business, so it’s a natural option for solo backpackers. If you’re looking for a starting point, we recommend beginning in the pedestrian-friendly Zurich.  If you’re looking for a starting point, we recommend beginning in the pedestrian-friendly Zurich. For nightlife, museums, and bistros, Geneva is the perfect place to be in. Be sure to learn some basic French and German as the country doesn’t have a lot of English speaking residents (except Geneva, where you’re likely to come across English speakers because of all the UN and NGO professionals living there).

6. Argentina


South America is the perfect continent to visit for backpacking enthusiasts, but the easiest to travel through is Argentina. In fact, Buenos Aires is one of the most awesome destinations in the world, full of free walking tours and countless affordable hostels. If you’re planning to spend a good while in Argentina, don’t miss a visit o Patagonia, and take Ushuaia’s Fin Del Mundo tour to get up and close with the penguins. As a reward for spending time with those exotic creatures (which is a reward in itself), take the wineries’ vineyard tour at Mendoza.

7. Ireland


Ireland is one of the most recommended destinations for solo travelers. And there’s a good reason (in fact, good reasons) behind that. It’s the house to magnificent remote villages, an eye-pleasing coastline, and some of the most welcoming locals you’ll ever come across in your life (not to mention, their accent is quite different and pleasing to hear). You can even explore wild beauty there by going to County Donegal or Dingle Peninsula in a car. And if you’re a fan of professional wrestling, you can even attend the annual WWE event to catch a glimpse of your favorite wrestlers.

8. Fiji


Although it might seem a bit weird to witness Fiji on this list, the exotic tropical island is a great location for solo backpackers. It’s especially suitable for those looking for a stop between the US and Australia while on a gap year. In the country, the Yasawa Islands are hands down one of the most popular spots to be in. And if you want to meet other backpackers in Fiji, get an island hopping pass. It’s the most affordable way to experience this beautiful island while making new friends.

Ready to travel Solo?

Solo traveling is a once in a lifetime experience but going to the right destination can turn it into a ritual. With the destinations mentioned in the list above, you’re bound to enjoy every minute of your trip.


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