The beaches of Pomorie


In Pomorie you can find enough beaches to suit everyone’s tastes. Mostly they are sandy and dark — the sands here can also be used for medicinal purposes. Basically, the beaches there are well-equipped, but you can also find wild or even nudist beaches.

While some beaches are commercialized with hotels and other sorts of accommodations, everyone can find their own place there. The beaches in Pomorie are always clean, and there are sunshades and lounges available for rent.

Personally, I would like to have a special mention towards a beach on a spit, where the nature here is unmatched. The waters there are crystal clear and there are no tourists in sight.Nearby there is Lake Pomorie which is known for its healing mud and a sanctuary for birds.

You can see a lot of tourists on the beaches of Pomorie, but it doesn’t always happen. More about this will be discussed later in this article.

The beaches of Pomorie – main advantages and disadvantages


We have been to about five beaches in Pomorie, and this does not count beaches with reinforced concrete platforms. They reminded us of a nudist beach in Nessebar, as well as a long sand spit beach.

  • Mild summer air temperature;
  • A sloping descent into the water (great for swimming for kids);
  • Healing sand and mud;
  • Presence of spa resorts;
  • A variety of water activities for tourists of all ages
  • Algae on the shore (although it is a huge plus for the health of some tourists, because the algae have strong concentrations of iodine, and its odor proves to be useful and beneficial for health of some tourists).

The South Beach of Pomorie

This is one of the most modern Bulgarian beaches. According to some websites this is also one of the most eco-friendly beaches of the country. And this is opposite to the research of the European Union.

  • The surface layer of the beach consists of dense sand.
  • The beach has a sandy and comfortable bottom, which is perfect spot for children and families.
  • The water is warm and crystal clear due to the heavy and dense sand on the shore.
  • The prices of sun loungers, sun shades and even tents are affordable (50 levs).
  • The free zones in the beach are pretty vast. Tourists come there quite often with their own sun shades/
  • In terms of security, there are lifeguards at the posts.
  • The beach is fully equipped with basic amenities such as changing rooms, water closets a massage parlor and a spot for beach volleyball
  • There are beachfront cafes for food and beverage.
  • The beach is located near hotel complexes, so it can be crowded during peak seasons. However, you can always find yourself a free spot there.
  • The size of the beach: more than one kilometer with free zones.

Tourists who come to South Beach mostly stay at the hotel “Sunset Resort,” since it is in close proximity to it.

A beach near the hotel “At The Americas” or the American beach

This is located on the outskirts on the old part of Pomorie. It is a decent and clean beach. The area is quite small, but there is always free space. It is also good for vacationing families with children.

  • The surface layer of the beach is sandy and has small shells
  • The bottom of the beach as a sandy and steep descent.
  • The sea waters are warm, as with all beaches along the coast of Pomorie. The water may be muddy during the peak tourist season.
  • Prices of the sunbeds and sunshades are priced at 6 levs per set. There are also tents for rent.
  • The free zone of the beach is located directly at the sea.
  • There are no lifeguards in sight.
  • There is a playground and a pier with boats for rent.
  • There is a hotel with a restaurant.
  • As for available space at the beach: it depends on the season, but mostly there are places for new tourists.
  • The size of the beach is quite small, with a length of a little more than 200 meters.

“At the American’s” is a three-star hotel located directly in front of the beach.

The East and the Central beaches in Pomorie

We have combined these two beaches, with complete intent, because they consist of an almost continuous strip of sand. It is divided into 9 areas with stone mounds, there are both fully equipped and completely wild beaches.

In contrast to other coastal zones listed in this article, in the eastern and the central parts of the promenade prevails gray sand, sometimes close to black. Both beaches, according to the researches of the European Union, are eco-friendly, which is confirmed by assigning the Blue Flag certification to the main city beach of Pomorie.

  • The surface layer of the beach is dark, in some areas it is completely black/
  • The bottom is sandy, gently sloping and a comfortable descent into the water/
  • The sea water is warm and crystal clear  (especially when it’s off-peak season)
  • Sunbeds and sunshades cost 6 levs per unit. It is possible to rent a tent for 35 levs.
  • There are free zones in some areas, alternate with the paid zones
  • There are lifeguards.
  • There are changing rooms, WC’s and even massage parlors
  • For those hungry tourists, they can go to cafes and snack bars along the beaches.
  • Vacationers prefer to to lie down and relaxed at the more equipped areas of the beach than the wild beaches.
  • The total length of the beach measures more than 2 kilometers.

There is no clear boundary between the beaches, as the Central Beach is considered to be the area near Grand Hotel. In addition, the hotel offers services of mud treatment in a special recreational and rehabilitation center. You can see for yourself by clicking on the link below:

Reinforced concrete beaches in Pomorie

You can also have relax at Pomorie’s beaches with reinforced concrete platforms. There are many such platforms along the embankment that connect the old and the new parts of the city. These are preferred by a small number of people who are indifferent to beach comforts.

There is always clean sea water and very nice views. The bottom is mostly sandy but sometimes you can see stones. The only significant disadvantage is that the descent into the water may not be very convenient — there is a small flight of stairs located right there..

A wild beach

As in any resort of Bulgaria, in Pomorie you can also find a wild beach. It is located at the junction of the mainland and the peninsula. The beach area is quite small, but a free place can always be found. Locals prefer to have their rest and relaxation there, because there is a sleeping area nearby.

The sea near the shores of the beach is clean, but sometimes there are algae. Because the beach is wild, the characteristic odor of iodine is present almost constantly — it can be beneficial to some tourists.

A beach on the spit

The purest and, probably, the most secluded beach in Pomorie is located on the outskirts of the city. At this beach you will not find comfortable sun loungers and sunshades, there are no cabins for changing clothes or WC. Instead, you are guaranteed a quiet and a relaxing rest.

Those who will not be lazy to walk several kilometers along the coast of the sea, will see a magnificent picture: a dark sand, a crystal clear water, an endless blue sky and almost absolute lack of tourists.

More about this beach you can read in our separate article: A beach on the spit near Pomorie.

The beaches of Pomorie on the map of the city

To demonstrate the location of the beaches in the city, we offer a map of all beaches in of Pomorie, known to us. You just have to choose the most convenient place on it and dive into a heavenly pleasure.

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