The Beaches of Bulgaria: Photos, Reviews and Descriptions


First of all Bulgaria is ideal for a beach holiday. There are excellent sandy beaches, low prices and comfortable climate.

In terms of attractions in Bulgaria there are also places to see, but not as much as we would like.

The beaches of Bulgaria are very different. There are both modern in no way inferior to European, and very wild and deserted, where you can relax and allow yourself to stay a little longer in seclusion with nature.

What are the beaches in Bulgaria? All about sandy beaches

What are the beaches in Bulgaria? All about sandy beaches

Beaches in Bulgaria are mainly sandy. It is very difficult to find a pebble or a stony beach. On the one hand, at such beaches is very comfortable to sunbathe and to swim, and on the other – the water may be a little muddy.

The bottom of the majority of the Bulgarian beaches is very gently sloping. This is convenient for families with children, but not very comfortable for adults – you will have to go into the water for a long time.

If we talk about the sea, it is very picturesque, beautiful and warm in Bulgaria. High waves here are not frequent, and therefore swimming is always comfortable.

The water in Bulgaria, by the way, one of the cleanest in Europe, but we’ll talk about it later.

On our website there are excellent descriptions and photos of such beaches:

Is it true that there are a lot of algae in Bulgaria?

Is it true that there are a lot of algae in Bulgaria

If you read reviews on the forums for 2005-2011 years, it seems that Bulgarian beaches are literally swamped with algae and dirt. In fact, there are algae, of course, but not much. They are regularly removed from beaches. In general, in our opinion beaches in Bulgaria are very clean.

What can you say about the purity of the water and beaches in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is on the 6th place by the purity of the seawater and beaches throughout the European Union. The sea here is cleaner than in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, and even Montenegro.

We have analyzed the latest report about the purity of the seawater in the European Union and offer you to make your own opinion about the purity of the beaches in Bulgaria.

How often are the beaches of Bulgaria cleaned?

Bulgaria is very actively seeking to get into the European Union. One of the requirements – clean beaches. Beaches of Bulgaria are cleaned every day, no matter of whether it is paid or free zone. Many beaches are cleaned both in mornings and in evenings.

And it is not just words. We really have seen such cleaning many times.

The beaches of Bulgaria seemed to us even a little bit cleaner than in Montenegro, and much better than in a New World.

But the water in Montenegro was much more clear. It happened because beaches in Montenegro are mostly pebble and concrete – in the water there is no dirt from sand.

What are the prices at the beaches of Bulgaria?

What are the prices at the beaches of Bulgaria

Prices at the beaches of Bulgaria are quite moderate. A sunshade and a sunbed will cost from 6 to 12 levs, depending on the beach. In most cases 8 levs.

Prices in restaurants not far from beaches in most resorts are quite accessible even for non-rich tourists like us.

An exception to this rule are resorts Sunny Beach and Golden Sands – they are really expensive.

At the beaches of Sunny Beach there are a lot of restaurants, that does not peculiar to Bulgaria. Usually, restaurants and cafés are located near the beaches, but not in the midst of them.

There is also fast food: a slice of pizza at the beach will cost 2-2.5 levs, a hamburger or a dyuner – about 4 levs. A Bulgarian fast food – tsarevitsa (boiled corn), close to the beach costs from 1.5 to 2.5 levs.

How are the beaches of Bulgaria equipped? Our photos and descriptions

Actually, the beaches of Bulgaria are very different. There are well-equipped variants with showers with fresh water, changing rooms, toilets, lifeguards, massage and other spa pleasures.

Basically, these beaches are located in popular resorts such as Sunny Beach or Golden Sands. Of course, these beaches are usually crowded and prices there are quite high.

Most of Bulgarian beaches can not boast of even changing cabins and toilets. At many of them, in terms of facilities, there are only paid sunbeds, sunshades and restaurants along the embankment. There is also a plus. If at the beaches do not sell sunflower seeds and shrimps, the sand is clean.

The most popular sandy beaches of Bulgaria

The most popular beaches in Bulgaria are considered Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Nice soft sand, a good service, the warm sea and a plenty of hotels 4* or 5*. But we do not recommend them to you. They are too expensive and crowded.

Personally we liked small, comfortable beaches of Nessebar and beautiful beaches of Pomorie. There was more free space, the water was cleaner, and prices were much lower.

A selection of beaches: the best beaches of Nessebar, the most interesting beaches in Pomorie.

Where in Bulgaria are located wild and deserted beaches?

In Bulgaria there are a lot of secluded and quite deserted beaches. You only need to go away from the city for a few kilometers and you will find one of such beaches.

Personally, we really liked the beach on the spit of Pomorie between the towns of Aheloy and Pomorie.

When we were swimming there, the water was amazingly clean and clear, and there were no people. Literally in 20 meters away there is Lake Pomorie with its healing mud and very salty water. The lake is inhabited by many species of birds. Most of all we remembered swans, pelicans and herons.

What beaches of Bulgaria will you advise us? Description and photos

What beaches of Bulgaria will you advise us Description and photos

Generally speaking, all the beaches of Bulgaria are very similar. Almost everywhere you can find a sandy bottom with a gentle descent and a fairly clean water, which is comfortable for swimming. The beaches differ only by surrounding landscapes, the infrastructure and the number of holidaymakers.

A review and tips from Victor about the beaches of Bulgaria

Personally, it seems to me reasonable to divide the beaches into two categories: beaches “for every day” and beaches, which are worth a visit, but every day is not convenient to go there – they are located too far away.

From the first group I would like to highlight the South Beach of Nessebar, the beaches of Pomorie, and the beaches in Ravda (one of them remembered to me by surprisingly green grass almost at the sea). They all have their pros and cons, which we described in separate articles.

If we talk about great beaches, which are difficult to reach, first comes to mind a beach on the spit of Pomorie. In the Internet there is almost no information about it, so I advise you to read our article about the wild beach on the spit.

Most likely something similar can be found near any major resort. I, for example, saw excellent deserted beaches between Ravda and Aheloy during our hike along the Bulgarian coast.

Overall, my review about Bulgaria beaches is very positive – they are very clean and not too crowded.

A review and tips about the beaches of Bulgaria

On many websites you can find an information about that on the beaches of Bulgaria there are a lot of algae. This is not true, or rather not quite true. The beaches of the country are carefully cleaned during a day and in evenings. It is convenient and peacefully to rest here.

One of the most comfortable, in my opinion, are the beaches of Nessebar. There you will not find crowds of tourists, like in Sunny Beach. Also there you can find a free place literally at the water’s edge, that will agree, in some cases is simply necessary.

In general, the beaches of Bulgaria I would have called more than comfortable and clean. A comfortable descent to the sea, the presence of lifeguards, sun beds, sunshades and various beach activities are positively affect the rating of the seaside resorts.

When you go to the beach in Bulgaria, I advise you to take a plenty of drinking water, a sunscreen and a sunshde with you. After all, even when resting in the shadow, you can get a tan, but do not burn your skin.

A selection of beautiful photos of the beaches of Bulgaria

During the time, that we spent in Bulgaria, we have accumulated a lot of great photos. Of course, it is impossible to publish all the photos in our blog. But we will try to share the best of them.

More interesting photos of the resorts, the sea and the beaches of Bulgaria:

Other descriptions of the beaches of Bulgaria:


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