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The 3 Types of CBD You Can Buy on Black Friday

The 3 Types of CBD You Can Buy on Black Friday

If you’re reading this you may just be one of those millions of people who are interested in getting your hands on some CBD (or a lot of it because it’s Black Friday!). as much as this exciting prospect brings forth many different options online and in the health stores, it is fundamental for you to do some homework about it before going out and buying a dozen boxes of these Cannabinoids.

Not only will you save your money by buying the current one, but you will also reap the benefits and not let it go to waste. Once you know the difference between the three variations that are available on the market you can easily and confidently purchase as many as you like for you and your family. A little side road perhaps, for those are not entirely familiar with this natural compound derivative from the marijuana plant, there is an immense amount of information online, and in various literature that can give you a good idea, this useful site is one of them.

So, let’s get into it, shall we?

The First One – Full Spectrum CBD

This is also known as the “whole-plant” and contains the cannabis plant can offer. What are these things that are part of the plant? Terpenes (what give it its flavor), Flavonoids (three particular types present in the plant are Cannaflavin A, Quercetin and Apigenin), other cannabinoids (over 100 different ones including, THC, CBN, CBG, are the most prevalent ones) and then there are the natural fatty acids that are also found in hemp.

All of these above elements have their important therapeutic values and when combined produce what’s called an “entourage effect”, and this is why this category of spectrums is the most popular amongst all three.

The Second One – Broad Spectrum CBD

The full-spectrum is an introduction onto this second option that’s available for consumers and the Broad-spectrum CBD products also contain several cannabinoids and terpenes but the difference between the two, full and broad, is that this one does not have any THC (the component that causes the “high” or psychoactive feelings). In other words, if its too confusing to remember which is which, think of this full-spectrum as similar to the broad-one but without THC, simple.

One of the main things that differentiate each one is the extraction processes involved, there are a few different ones that produce different results as well as purity levels. You can get up to 99% pure CBD in some cases, while in other cases there may be trace elements of THC in the product, which is perfectly fine if it is below 0.2% in Europe and 0.3% in the US. To find this out, various suppliers such as Cheef Botanicals, have their lab test results online for the public to check before they purchase any product. Any good supplier or seller should have these results available to the consumers as part of the licensing regulations.

The Second One – Broad Spectrum CBD

The Third One – CBD Isolate

This last one, CBD Isolate is popular amongst those who are sensitive to THC and are the purest form of the cannabinoids when extracted from the plant. They contain almost 99% of the compound with none of the effects of THC. When extracted, everything that is inside the plant is removed from the final product, leaving only pure CBD.

Sin other words, it is devoid of any terpenes, flavonoids, wax oils, chlorophyll, and many of the other things. This brings us back to the topic about purity, if you are looking to purchase this option it is important to check the purity of it either through the lab tests available on the seller’s website or by asking them directly for the results. The purity levels may be diverse, ranging from 99% to 99.9%, and some with 99.5%, this is usually an indication of THC present in the format.

With such small amounts of THC in them, it may not make any difference to the user, but it boils down to personal preference. All in all, whatever your preference, check that the manufacturer is legit and read through the list of ingredients on every packaging to make sure you get what you pay for.

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