Urban Backpacking Essentials: Electronic Gadgets

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Technology has changed everything including the way we travel. Whether you want to treasure your amazing moments while traveling or read a book, there are electronic gadgets available for that. In this article, we have put together a list of essential electronic gadgets for all the backpackers who are ready to hit … Read more

Urban Backpacking Essentials: Travel Accessories


To make your backpacking trip easy, you should have appropriate and reliable gear in your backpack. No matter it is travel clothing, toiletries, electronic gadgets or accessories, you shouldn’t ignore their importance. This article intends to help you in making a quick checklist of travel accessories that you should take on your … Read more

Urban Backpacking Essentials: Travel Toiletries

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When it comes to urban backpacking, you should minimize the number of toiletries you carry in your backpack because you can buy pretty much everything once you reach your destination. However, having basic toiletries stacked up in your backpack beforehand won’t hurt anyway. Some tips: Don’t put everything you think is important … Read more