Asia Cha Am Hotel


As we didn’t at all like the location of the Beach Cha Am Guesthouse we decided to change to a different hotel for our second night in Cha Am. As we’d had a chance to look around the town we had a much better idea of where we wanted to stay. This … Read more

The Beach Cha Am Guesthouse


As we plan to spend some time in Hua Hin, we decided that it would be a good idea to stop for a couple of nights in Cha Am, which is a small beach town further north. Cha Am. Cha Am used to be a small village but has been growing very … Read more

White Elephant Resort, Surin

White Elephant Resort

We visit Surin a few times every year, as this is where my wife’s family live. For the last few years, we’ve always stayed at Maneerote Hotel, as it’s close to the market and a very convenient location. A friend of ours suggested we give the White Elephant Resort a go, so … Read more

U Hat Yai Hotel

We made a great choice by choosing U Hat Yai Hotel for our 3-day stay in Hat Yai. It’s quite centrally located, and was easy to walk from the hotel to everywhere we went in the town. The town is fairly small, so quite walkable for most people. Click here to book … Read more

Great Cafes In Surin

For a fairly small town, Surin has an usually large selection of cafes. The following are just a small selection, but we’ll add to this list the next time we visit Surin. If you’re planning to visit Surin, click here to book a room at Maneerote Hotel. Cafe Duck Cafe Duck is … Read more

Review Of Maneerote Hotel, Surin

For our few days in Surin we decided to stay at our usual place, which is Maneerote Hotel. This hotel is fairly centrally located, very clean, has friendly staff, is reasonable priced and has a good cafe on the ground floor. It’s the perfect place for us to stay. We paid 1,414 … Read more

Hotel 81 Dickson, Little India, Singapore

For our 3-day stay in Singapore, we chose to stay at Hotel 81 Dickson. It’s conveniently located at the edge of Little India and close to three MRT stations, which makes getting around very easy. Click here to book a room at Hotel 81 Dickson. We booked this hotel mainly because of … Read more