Bangkok Local Markets – Bangkok Bazaar


Bangkok Bazaar is an evening market that’s open every day from around 5 pm onwards. It’s located right next to Robinson’s department store on Charoen Krung Road, just a 1-2 minute walk from Saphan Taksin BTS (Skytrain) station. With most local markets in Bangkok it’s quite rare to see foreigners shopping there, … Read more

White Elephant Resort, Surin

White Elephant Resort

We visit Surin a few times every year, as this is where my wife’s family live. For the last few years, we’ve always stayed at Maneerote Hotel, as it’s close to the market and a very convenient location. A friend of ours suggested we give the White Elephant Resort a go, so … Read more

French Pastries You Need To Try

Photo of French Pastries You Need To Try-jpeg

When it comes to sweet treats, the French surely know what they’re doing. Desserts and pastries are practically embedded in the country’s DNA because no matter which part of France you find yourself in, there’s a superb pastry that is waiting for you. The French seem to master the art of pastry. … Read more

Bangkok Vegetarian Restaurant – Sutunthip

Sutunthip vegetarian restaurant is on of our favorite places to eat in Bangkok, and we eat there every week. It’s also 100% vegan, so a great option if you’re looking for excellent vegan food. Not only is the food delicious, but it’s also very reasonably priced. It’s probably Bangkok’s most popular vegetarian … Read more

Ban Chiang Bangkok – Thai Restaurant

Ban Chiang is an excellent Thai restaurant that’s located only a few minutes walk from Surasak BTS station. It’s set in a beautiful, old wooden house and is well worth a visit. We’ve eaten there many times, and despite the fantastic food, we rarely see any other Thai people eating there. I … Read more

25 Awesome Bangkok Cafes

We use Bangkok as our base for traveling, so have visited countless cafes here. We have decided to start documenting these, partly to help others and partly as a reminder for ourselves. I usually drink hot Americano, so I’ll use that to compare prices between the cafes. This guide is split into … Read more