Tips for Staying Healthy While Backpacking

Tips for Staying Healthy While Backpacking

Backpacking is a broad concept yet has been on the rise for many travelers. For some, it entails low-budget traveling and seizing some of the relatively cheaper but equally stunning locations in various cities and countries. For others, backpacking may mean venturing into the outdoors, blending hiking and backcountry camping, and losing … Read more

Eight Backpacking Mistakes Most Beginners and Amateurs Make

Eight Backpacking Mistakes Most Beginners and Amateurs Make

  All of us make mistakes. It is a vital part of the whole learning process. But if you make a terrible mistake in the backcountry, you may end up badly hurting yourself, if not embarrassing or hurting yourself at least. Right from your health and safety to packing concerns, there are … Read more

Backpacking through Europe? Here’s what you should be packing

Backpacking through Europe is on many people’s bucket lists. But anyone who’s thought about it knows that there’s a lot to plan before you head out. Though independent and adventurous, backpacking can also be risky and dangerous. Most people have grown increasingly accustomed to typical residential life – a 9 to 5 … Read more

Tips for Backpacking Alone

There are times when we have lots of travel plans in our minds, but we do not have anyone to take with us. It’s challenging to find a travel buddy that has the same goals, timeline, and budget. But you cannot let that hold you off in making your dream adventures come … Read more

Budgeting for an African Safari

If you have developed a knack and passion for world travel, you should include an African safari to your bucket list. The wildlife scenes that you used to see on National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel? Finally, you will be able to witness them with your own eyes.   The experience of … Read more

Tips for Staying Healthy on a Cruise Ship

Having a holiday on a Baja cruise ship is an ideal way to relax, unwind, and create fun and fond memories. You can indulge yourself on all the amenities that offer relaxation and enjoyment, and not to mention copious amounts of food and drink!   Is there a downside to that? Well, … Read more

Being Aware of Country Borders While Backpacking

A few people would consider themselves lucky if they can travel from one country to another without any hassle, especially if they have the means and resources to do it. They can afford to fly across the continent. As for the backpackers, they travel by budget, so they usually cross the borders … Read more

Should You Take Cash When Backpacking?

When you decide to eschew the usual comforts of traveling and have decided to “rough it out,” you need all the resources to survive in your travels. Like in many other activities, money and finances are always a concern when you travel. Travel costs and travel insurance gobble up most of your … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Backpacking Fashion

When it comes to globetrotting with a backpack, staying fashionable can seem like a huge mountain to climb. How many pairs of tees and formal shirts do you need to carry? How do you pack the variety of shoes you want to take along? And how can you maintain your style and … Read more

Urban Backpacking Essentials: Travel Clothing

Urban Backpacking Essentials: Travel Clothing

  Urban backpacking is the type of traveling that focuses on low cost and flexibility. The backpackers stay either in hotels or opt for other inexpensive accommodation options. Their backpack should contain lightweight items because extra weight would only increase the burden on your shoulders. Don’t fall for nice designs; rather choose … Read more