Urban Backpacking Essentials: Electronic Gadgets

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Technology has changed everything including the way we travel. Whether you want to treasure your amazing moments while traveling or read a book, there are electronic gadgets available for that. In this article, we have put together a list of essential electronic gadgets for all the backpackers who are ready to hit … Read more

Urban Backpacking Essentials: Travel Clothing

Urban Backpacking Essentials: Travel Clothing

  Urban backpacking is the type of traveling that focuses on low cost and flexibility. The backpackers stay either in hotels or opt for other inexpensive accommodation options. Their backpack should contain lightweight items because extra weight would only increase the burden on your shoulders. Don’t fall for nice designs; rather choose … Read more

Best Binoculars for Backpackers

Binoculars for Backpackers

When globetrotting as a backpacker, you’re likely to come across beautiful lakes, mountains, glaciers, animals, and many other amazing features that Mother Nature offers. It might even include some amazing cityscapes as well.  While you’d love the view regardless of how far you are from a mountain’s peak, exotic animal or architectural … Read more