French Pastries You Need To Try

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When it comes to sweet treats, the French surely know what they’re doing. Desserts and pastries are practically embedded in the country’s DNA because no matter which part of France you find yourself in, there’s a superb pastry that is waiting for you. The French seem to master the art of pastry. … Read more

Street Art In Bangkok

The longer you spend in Bangkok, the more street art you’ll see. Some is pretty popular and well known, but you’ll also come across many interesting pieces of art that are only known to locals. We’ll update this post from time to time. If you’re planning to visit Bangkok, then click here … Read more

Notting Hill Street Art

Notting Hill street art is still alive and well, although it doesn’t seem to be as much as there was last time I was here. Maybe it’s more hidden. I’ll add to this when I find more. Made You Look If you head from Notting Hill Gate underground station to Portobello Road, … Read more