Stuck in quarantine: How to keep traveling through the Internet

The pandemic left us all behind locked doors and closed borders for a long time. This situation we found ourselves in changed a lot about how the world works. Cinemas, galleries, casinos, museums, festivals, libraries, and so on. Everyone has switched to the online format.

Being stuck in front of our screens has made the world in our computers so much wider and brighter. There’s nothing you can’t do online now. Seeing your favorite musicians, having a game night with your friends, or visiting an exhibition, just name it. It’s never been easier to find the best online casinos canada or streaming services to watch your favorite shows. And while it seems impossible, you can travel the world from your computer as well. The hunger for adventures has never been stronger, and numerous solutions have been created in response. We can probably agree that there are some things and places that can never be as good in an online format as they are in real life.

Nonetheless, having these opportunities makes the quarantine reality that much easier to bear with. They can also serve as an inspiration for your plans for the times when all of this is over. And sometimes, these plans are the most comforting thing we can get these days. In this article, we are going to introduce you to means of traveling through the Internet.

Google Street View

It might sound underwhelming, but only because of how you are used to using the website. There’s nothing fun in looking for the building you have an appointment in. Change your perspective and dare to have an adventure! Take a trip down memory lane, and visit your hometown. You can watch things change over the years as Google updates the pictures. Take a look at the streets of the city you always wanted to visit, imagine what it would be like walking down these streets. Are there any cozy cafes you would like to visit? Write them down to keep in mind when you do get to visit your dream destination.

It’s not a problem if you have no idea where you want to go. Pick a random spot and learn the surroundings. Chances are you will stumble upon a beautiful valley, a breathtaking castle, or a stylish apartment building. You might find a fascinating destination you never knew about.

What makes this fun is also the stories you can witness on the city maps. There are people going on their first dates, old ladies walking their dogs, skaters doing cool tricks. There’s life in every location you might wander to. Unless you decide to take a trip to the desert or the middle of the ocean. It’s a great way to escape the day-to-day routine and daydream a little bit. We all need it sometimes.

Online events

Countless museums and art galleries were left without any visitors. At the beginning of the pandemic, many were at the risk of getting closed down due to the lack of financing. Thankfully, some were able to keep working by switching to a new format. Numerous galleries and museums now have their exhibitions put out on their websites. This gives us a beautiful opportunity to come closer to the world of culture. Just think about it. If you want to visit a museum in Paris, you have to get to Paris first. Well, not anymore. The doors of exhibitions all over the world are now open for everyone.

The same applies to concerts and festivals. Your plans to travel across the globe to see your favorite artist fell through? There’s no need to be upset. You can visit an online concert and hear them sing live in your living room.

It can be argued, without a doubt, that seeing the painting Van Gogh worked on with his brush or hearing breathtaking vocals of your favorite artist won’t be the same on your computer screen. While we agree, this fact doesn’t decrease the value of these opportunities we are presented with by the digital realm.

We live in a new reality that dictates its own rules. Some of them are not yet clear, and some take some getting used to. There are a lot of things we miss about how things used to be. But it shouldn’t distract us from what is and what can be. While the airports still work irregularly, and any travel brings on a dozen of restrictions, we have to make the best of what we have. The digital era is fitting all our dreams and cravings inside our screens. While some things remain beyond reach, isn’t it best to embrace the beauty of seeing a dog-walker enjoy their day in the middle of Rome or seeing a concert in the comfort of your bed? Make your routine brighter, and take a trip or two. The best thing is the flight is free and lasts only as long as the new tab downloads.