Steps to Install in Ground Basketball Hoop


Find out the superior play systems of basketball hoops with good vendors and get all your queries answered by their customer service team. You may also call your manufacturer for the advices and concerns during the point of installation. Take a look at the top-quality equipment and check how you can think of getting it to your place if basketball is your only passion!

Steps to install in ground basketball hoop:

1. Find the right vendor

The first step is to find the right vendor, check the materials used in the installation, and then pick the one most suitable within features and budget. There are many vendors online that will give you complete package or pieces that you may assemble on your own. You may ask for discounts or offers and also check on the warranty offered to ensure that if any part is broken during the installation, it is insured and can be replaced at no hassle.

2. Pick a location to dig

Location must be on priority in choosing the right spot for installation of in-ground basketball hoop. The location has to be such that digging a hole won’t pose much of a problem. You may call 811 to check if your preferred location is good.

3. Digging

The second step in the installation of ground basketball hoop is to dig a hole. Ask your manufacturer to guide you on how to dig the hole and what should be the size of it. You may use a shovel or use auger for the same.

4. Using concrete

The third step is to pour the concrete material on the ground. Once you do this, you will protect the basketball hoop pole and make it stronger. Take support and help from a companion to fix the basketball hoop to the ground and pour the concrete.

5. Raise the pole

You may need few people to raise or lift the pole as it will be heavy to life alone. Get a team to life it up. Follow all the precautions and read the instructions well before doing so. You may also have to level the nuts.

6. Fixing the backboard

Some basketball kits come with a backboard in the package. There are some amazing and upscale models but, these will cost you high. All you need to ensure is that your pole is secured and the backboard is big enough to play the basketball. To attach the backboard too, you may need some extra helpers to lift and fix safely. Every model will be different; thus the size of the backboard may vary accordingly. Your manufacturer will have the best answer to it.

7. Installation of rim and net

The sixth step is to install the rim and net. The rim is usually bolted to the backboard in the location. Extra steps maybe required in case you have bought a breakaway rim. Once the rim is attached, you may hoop the net around every hook provided with the rim and get the net properly fixed.

8. Practice the finishes

The last but, not the least is to ensure that every loose end is fixed well in the setup of a ground basketball hoop. Your game is almost fixed to begin playing. Check if the nuts are bolted well, the corners of the backboard are fixed well around the pole, and the net is properly attached to the rim. Anything that is loose or neglected may lead to bumps, bruises, or damages to the player as well as the material.


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