Sightsee At Your Own Pace With A Maui Jeep Rental Company

The Hawaiian Island of Maui is home to some of the world’s most unique landscapes and tourist destinations. The Hana Highway, considered to be the most beautiful drive in all of Hawaii, is located here.

It All Starts In Hana

On a tour of Maui, you could go from the freezing peak of Haleakala, which is at an elevation of 10,023 feet, to the warm, tropical seas of Molokini island, which is located just off the south coast of Maui. To assist you in navigating the island’s geography, a Maui jeep rental company will provide a map of the island, and most provide a list that includes all of the top attractions in Maui, as well as a categorization of each item according to its location.

As you make your journey to the village of Hana, you will pass through a number of attractions along this world-famous route. Beyond Hana is where you’ll find the breathtaking Oheo Gulch. When you go upcountry, one of the world’s biggest dormant volcanoes, Haleakala, is waiting for you there. Iao Valley, located in West Maui, is shrouded in mystery thanks to its setting in the midst of the wild West Maui Mountains.



Among the most historically significant villages in Hawaii is easily one of the most diverse communities… and it is all unmistakably characteristic of Maui.

Visiting the port town of Lahaina on the island of Hawaii’s Valley Isle is an essential part of any vacation to the Valley Isle and should not be skipped for any reason. Lahaina is home to several art galleries, restaurants, and gift stores, in addition to numerous historic sites. Lahaina is without a doubt an essential component of any trip to Maui.

There are numerous things to see and do in Lahaina, but some of the highlights are the landmark Baldwin House, the ancient courthouse, the enormous banyan tree that practically takes up a full city block, and Front Street. For additional information on the Baldwin House, click here.

Hiking in the countryside that surrounds the site is also an interesting experience. There are some lava tubes and caverns that have flowing water in them, and some of them are quite wet. A greater variety of trails may be found to the southeast, including the Waianapanapa Coastal Trail, which, if you were so inclined, would take you all the way to Hana town.

Wailua Falls

This station, along with a few others, is technically considered to be on Hana Highway.  However, it stands on its own so much as to warrant a separate mention. You’ll find Wailua Falls (, one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the whole state of Hawaii.

Wailua Falls is a beautiful waterfall that drops 80 feet in a lush environment amid the flora that surrounds it and is just a few feet away from the road. There is a trail that leads to the bottom of the falls that is not very long, but it may be difficult to navigate so exercise care.

Although it changes from time to time, the water flow is almost always attractive throughout the year. To get a good look at this natural wonder, you’ll just do some walking, but the effort will be more than rewarded by the experience. Also, on the road to Hana, you may find Waimoku Falls close to the end of Pipiwai Trail, which is located well above Oheo Gulch Pools.

Makahiku Falls

While onthe journey to Waimoku Falls, hikers will come across the 185-foot Makahiku Falls, which is another stunning waterfall in the area. The Pipiwai Stream Trail is considered to be one of the most beautiful walks on the island of Maui. It is a round-trip that is four miles long and gains 650 feet in height. The duration of the trek ranges from two and a half to five hours, based on how much time you spend appreciating nature.

The magnificent Waimoku Falls are the last stop before reaching the destination. This enormous waterfall plunges down a lava rock wall for a total drop of 400 feet into a pool that is littered with boulders; it is one of the highest waterfalls on Maui.