Sand Dunes – the South Beach of Nessebar

Among many beaches of Nessebar we want to highlight the South Beach, or as it is called, the beach on a sand dune. This beach is protected by UNESCO as a unique natural phenomenon.

At first glance, there is nothing special at the South Beach of Nessebar. First 10-15 meters are occupied by fee required area with sunshades for 8 levs per day. Even to buy your sunshade is much cheaper – we have seen a good and big sunshade for 12 levs.

Farther there is quite a big zone for vacationers on towels. There is always a lot of space on the beach. It does not make the impress of crowded, but also not empty.

Personally, I like the fact, that the beach is as though on the slope of a big sand dune, from the top of which opens an astounding view of the peninsula of Old Nessebar.

If to walk in the direction of hotels, a free zone is somehow unnoticed turns into a zone with paid sunshades. Paradoxically, in that part of the beach is always a lot of people. Perhaps they are too lazy to walk far.

What is on the beach with a beautiful name Sand Dune?

What is on the beach with a beautiful name Sand Dune
What is on the beach with a beautiful name Sand Dune

The description and reviews are certainly good, but we should not forget about the infrastructure of the beach. We have tried maximally faithfully, detail and briefly to describe the South Beach of Nessebar. Complement our notes in comments!

    • The coating layer of the beach: the sand, lying like a mountain;
    • The bottom: sandy, but with a very gentle and comfortable descent, a long time to go into the water. It is good for children, but not very nice for adults;
    • The temperature and the purity of water: water is a little cooler than at the North Beach of Nessebar, but much cleaner – the beach is less crowded (the cleanest water in Nessebar);
    • Prices at the beach: a deckchair or a sanshade will cost 8 levs;
    • Free zone: big and not crowded. It is situated 15 meters far from the sea;
    • Security: there are rescuers, and nearby there is an ambulance car;
    • Comfort: nearby there is a faucet with fresh water, but we did not find a changing room, a shower and wc;
    • Food: nearby there is an unpretentious caff, and also sell fast food and corn;
    • Free space at the beach: during the high season the beach is quite crowded, but there is always a free space;
    • Dimensions of the beach: about 2 kilometers, including beaches of hotels. Free zone stretches more than a kilometer. Free and equipped zone – 200-300 meters;

    As you can see, the South Beach of Nessebar is a very good and deserves a visit.

    It is worth noting, that in windy weather there are often strong waves, that can knock down girls off their feet. On such days rescuers hang a red flag – people are swimming at their own risk, but rescuers still are on duty and help.

    Where is the South Beach of Nessebar?

    Where is the South Beach of Nessebar
    Where is the South Beach of Nessebar

    As, probably, became clear from the title, the South Beach of Nessebar is located in the southern part of the city. It can be clearly seen from the peninsula of Old Nessebar.

    The South Beach of Nessebar on the city map

    To reach the beach is quite simple, it is not fenced and several streets come to it. To make it easier to find exactly the beach, we add a small map to the article.

    A selection of photos of the South Beach of Nessebar

    Of course, no words can compare with well-chosen photographs.

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