Rental Cars To Visit Saint Barth


Saint Barthelemy is a Caribbean beauty. The glamorous island has breathtaking scenery of green hills and stunning beaches. It is home to private villas, designer boutiques, luxury restaurants, and hotels. St. Barth is a popular tourist destination. The island offers a relaxed atmosphere to travelers.

People travel with yachts. However, you can drive around the coastal villages in a car. You will have the freedom to observe the stunning views of the island. If you want to have a memorable experience discovering the island, you need a car. Car rental in Saint Barth provides a wide range of vehicles.

Rent a car to move freely on the island

The absence of public transport can limit your movement on the island. You will have to order a cab to travel around St Barth. It will be an ideal solution to rent a car. You will go around the island when you want without waiting for a taxi. St. Barth car rental agency can make your stay on the island memorable.

Rent a car of your choice. It is the best option if you want to go around the island at your convenience. Car rental in Saint Barth rental cars that can satisfy your transportation needs. Both luxurious models and budget economy cars are available. You may get a child seat or other add-ons on request.

You can rent a vehicle online or on your arrival. The rented car will be delivered as agreed with the car rental agency. Do you want the car delivered to the airport? You will drive to your hotel in comfort. Then, start your adventures when you desire.

Criteria for choosing a rental car

There are various st barth car rental agency businesses. Each of them offers different prices for its vehicles and services. Some car rental companies specialize in luxurious cars. Some provide low-cost vehicles while others provide cars from both categories. You will need a car that can commute both surfaced and rugged roads for your tours.

Your needs can influence the type of car you will rent. You may need extra space if you are traveling with family or friends. Also, you may need to carry more luggage. There are factors you will consider before you rent a car.

Cargo capacity

Check a car rental agency’s website for the load each car can carry. The load capacity will help you determine the vehicle to rent. You need a car that can carry the items you need for each trip. Pack the bags you want to take. Measure your bags. Find out the car that will fit your load. Hire a vehicle that will accommodate your bags.

The comfort of the vehicle

Opt for a car that provides comfortable seating for occupants. It is necessary if you are on vacation with friends or family. You may ride together for fun activities or to dine at the restaurants. If you are on a visit with small children, the rear and middle seats will be comfortable for them. Consider your co-travelers when you decide the type of car to rent.

Compare prices

Compare different car rental agencies to get the best price. The location of the rental agencies contributes to the difference in the prices. Locations at the airport will offer higher prices. However, consider the transportation cost to and fro other facilities. The duration of hire and season also affects the price.


Some car rentals in Saint Barth offer extra features. Child seats, GPS, DVD players, rack roofs, and booster seats come with an extra fee. Check if the cars are insured. Some car rental companies may add insurance to their rates.

The fuel economy of vehicles is important. Consider the gas mileage of the car you want to hire. Small cars have better fuel economy than big vehicles like vans.

Places to visit in Saint Barth

There are so many interesting places to visit in Saint Barthelemy. This charming Caribbean Island is a favorite destination for celebrities. Here are must-see sites in St. Barth.


This beautiful harbor town is the capital of St. Barth. The glamour of Gustavia lures tourists from cruise ships. Art galleries, designers’ boutiques, shops, and posh restaurants are the main attractions of Gustavia. Please take a look here.

St. Jean

Besides Gustavia, St. Jean is another popular location in St. Barth. The small village is at the center of the island. It is home to boutiques, shops, and luxury restaurants. St. Jean Beach offers a relaxing environment. You can spend time on its white sand after a cooling swim.


It is an attractive village on the north coast of the island. Lorient is the first French settlement on Saint Barthelemy. It is the location of a surf beach. Shops and a Catholic church are in this village.

Other beaches you can visit at St. Barth are:

  • Flamands Beach ;
  • Gouverneur Beach ;
  • Colombier Beach ;
  • Saline Beach.

Besides tours of the island, there are other fun activities. You can go swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The island also hosts festivals to celebrate sports, music, and movies. Rent a car to visit sites of attraction and celebrations at your convenience.


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